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Pallet chars #1 by no-guy Pallet chars #1 by no-guy
Since is the week end and next week is the last week of school, I started something where I take color pallets made from the internet, or of my own design, and just making random characters based on them.
The first one( or two really ) are twins that I based off a type of parrot, that I don't have the attention span to look up the name of, but their the reason I started this, at 7pm, until now which is almost 10pm. Anyway, I was on tumblr and I found some pretty birds, and they had little cute dark faces with bright red bills and bright green feathers, and I thought, damn, I could make a demon with those colors, and I could this and this and also this and this and and and... Then this. They look like girls to me, but I tried to make them male.
The next was I pallet I had in my comp( because saving and using without credit is fun ;w; dont hurt me ), it was also bird related so I based him off the twins..
The next two are Spydons, and I made up the pallets myself. I giggle because it looks like the orange guy looks like a hardass mofa but he is like SO FUCKING in love with that chick and she doesn't know yet but damn its gonna be good when he does tell. I also gave up drawing this.


Bek 2013
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December 13, 2013
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