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Naomi by no-guy Naomi by no-guy
More concept artwork.

This is Naomi. She's a character I designed to be Kaples' ( adopted ) daughter. For those of you who don't know, Kaple fucking loves the idea of being a father. And he's been thinking about it 24/7 lately, which means he's been harping me about it constantly. Well, here you go you fuckass.

Some design notes-
She's in the 10-14 age frame.
As you can see by her legs, she is able to drop down on all-fours and run around, much like an animal.
She's supposed to have deformation in her wrists, and they curl up close to her arms when at rest.
Her tail is incredibly short, only about an inch long. It was longer when she was younger, but shortened because of that.
Something I can't draw: She has a stutter, and it gets very bad when she's excited, angry, or scared. She can control it when shes in a calm setting/mood.
Backstory: Naomis' birth parents had to give her up when she was about 2, because they were in poverty, and couldn't give her the best. She lived in a orphanary since, and will be adopted by Kaple later in his story line.

If you're wondering why I'm up at this hour, its because my alarm goes off at midnight for no goddamn reason, and I haven't set it for that( I have even told it to play the alarm or anything ).
What a fucking prick.

Bek 2012


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November 22, 2012
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