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Israphel the Vernid by no-guy Israphel the Vernid by no-guy
Name sort of in working but yes here he is.

:iconlilaira: opened her original species Vernids, and it made me happy and I had to make a character!

Israphel was born in a zoo, both his parents were wilds that were caught and put on display. Due to their violent nature they were put down shortly after his litter was born, of which only two managed to survive. He was raised by a surrogate human mother named Angelia Pensive, a biologist/specialist in this sort of thing. Simply being born in captivity didn't take away the violent nature of his species, but he is more tame than most vernids. He is extremely aggressive to the keepers and guests to the zoo, and has been prone to escape attempts and harming unaware humans in his enclosure. The only human( or other life form ) he tolerates and doesn't try to eat is Angelia, in fact he goes from cold, dark, scary vernid to super floppy cuddly puppy when she's around.
Personality wise, hes a king of his own nutshell. He doesn't know much about the world outside the zoo, and is super confident in his territory very proud and a little arrogant. He's generally very upbeat and cheerful. He can be very cute and sweet at times, especially with Angelia.

Physical notes, his mane is usually shaved down because it gets so matted, and the keepers want to limit the times they need to go into the enclosure. His underside is naturally a little bit bald because he's adjusted to a hotter climate, the zoo is located in a more arid area, like the deserts in western United States. His ear tag was put there for basic information, since the zoo used to have a collection of vernid, but said have been long since died or moved to other zoos, and it was too much to remove it. He hates it a lot.

Battery is gonna die so I may come back to this.

Vernids belong to Lilaira 2016

Henry Plante 2016
soft8 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
He's so adorable ;v; <3
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June 17, 2016
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