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Hard-Drive Gems by no-guy Hard-Drive Gems by no-guy
Black Agate, Serpentine, and Hematite.

First of all I have like 8 hundred bajillion gemsonas/gem ocs. After I've been making them since season 4 started.
I have a main group of gems, Hematite being one of them.

These three are the main gem types that work and maintain what is basically the main computer systems of Homeworld. More so the entire information storage system, the hard-drive if you will.

Hematites are basically how they store so much energy. Hematites rarely take form, and are often housed in massive server rooms inside the computer itself. A Hematite can be taken out and carried around like a USB flash-drive, usual in the form you see here. The Hematite I have drawn here is certain one that later gets "saved" from the system by another gemsona that I will draw later. She actually has a massive crush on the black agate drawn here too, but it is an unrequited love.

Black agates are there to control the Hematites and Serpentines, and the other gems working with the system( Jasper/Topaz guards, sometimes Rubies too. ) I call the one I have listed her Betty. 900 nothing points who gets why. Anyway, Betty was over the Hematite drawn here, and shes kind of a massive bitch. He's manipulative and used the Hematite as a personal data slave, cause the Hematite just wanted to do anything that got her closer to her crush.

Serpentines are the main operators of the data system. They sort new data, serve as antivirus( would it need antivirus? I don't know. ) and maintain the Hematites on a physical level( moving them around inside the system, moving data on and off them, ejecting them from the system for transport. I'm not sure if the one here is gonna be a certain one or just an example. But most Serpentines are very skeevy and shmarmy, self-centered/have HUGE egos, and not afraid to break the rules if it gets them somewhere. I honestly have a crush on my own creation though help.

I have a shit tone more sobs. But I'm going to talk more about Hematite and Betty when I do post more.

Henry Plante 2017
MystehAsh Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
//Points at all of them// YES I LOVE YOU, YOU, AND YOU, ALL OF YOU (Also I love their backstories too so far-)
no-guy Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gracias mi amiga :3
MystehAsh Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
De nada amigo! C: Hope to see more of these bubs in the future
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