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Guardian 004 - Chylox Tvor by no-guy Guardian 004 - Chylox Tvor by no-guy
i did this tonight as well

Chylox Tvor is Kaple's brother. They shared the same mother and possibly the same dad. Chylox was the older of the two, and when he was the equivalent of a highschool Senior, he was contacted by the U.E. and offered Guardian ship. Or, more or less forced into it.
Chylox is a breed of demon know as a Face Snatcher. He can only feed on the souls of other demons and immortals. Meaning he doesn't get to eat very often. He only gets to eat once a month, in fact, and thats if theres a demon to spare. Each Face Snatcher also has a preferred type of demon it likes to snack on, so after time they can only consume that one type. Chylox's dish of choice is... veal. He eats the souls of babies and child demons.
The most gruesome thing about this is about how he has to get his meal. A soul is locked up tight, the only way for it to be taken is if the victim is in intense agony- to the point of begging for death. He chooses to physically abuse his dinner. In very displeasing ways.
So imagine being a 17-18 year old, just getting done with puberty, said puberty changing you in such a way you can't eat normal food anymore. He was starving at this point. The U.E. used his distress to rope him into Guardianship, while promising to feed him if he behaved.
Chylox, besides previously mentioned things, is a pretty chill guy. If he's feed, he's a kind, happy, and mischievous little demon, able to joke and laugh, and play pranks on Lucy with his fellow Guardian Beelz. But as he starts to get hungry, he gets a little cranky. He gets very sadistic, going too far on his pranks, and getting angry when people get scared of him. Which makes him pretty terrifying, seeing as he's in control of the entire Demon Army. He also runs the court and prison system. He's the Master General and the Supreme Warden. So yeah.
This isn't his true form, his true form is a quadroped creature. He reverts to this form when feeding, but stays in this form for political reasons. Folks like to see a pretty human face speaking as appose to a demon llama dog with no pupils.
I wanna points out something; I put a little pin/metal on him, the one thats the triangle and T. That pin is actually the symbol for Kaple's story.. within the story. A lot of demons talk fondly of it, and its spouted up a cult following. Chylox wears the pin because, despite events inthe story, and Kaple's hatered for his older brother, Chylox still loves Kaple, and deeply misses him.

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February 28, 2014
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