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Guardian 003 - Leviathan by no-guy Guardian 003 - Leviathan by no-guy
this is my bby princess <3 I adore this character. Its part irony, because she looks like a masculine, angry, violent monster but she acts like a precious little girl I kjsdhfkjshdfjklhaskljfhkljashfkljhsfklh

Leviathan was born in the deep deep sea of Hell, where no demon has ever gone. She was first discovered in a huge trench in the ocean, a place believed to be a portal to another realm by local folklore. For this reason, she is considered a true monster, even by demon standards. She was accused of sinking several Satin City ships, sending Beelz in all of a tizzy, and him and Lucy attempted to hunt her down. But when the found her, she submitted the capture, and they realized she was a demon. They took her to trial, ruling her innocent of the crime. But after being on the surface, she was incredibly interested in the politics of Hell, and wished to stay. U.E. granted her Guardianship and put her to work. She is incharge of the Lost Soul's factory, and produces the food for Hell.
Leviathan is just so perf to me, seriously. I just akhgajksghhsjdhgf
She isn't much of the battle type, but she gets really mad sometimes, and goes into tantrum mode. During this time something gets smashes or someone gets hurt. Beelz, when he needs to backup the often pacifist Levi, will send her into a tantrum, or get his enemy to do it.


Bek 2014
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March 1, 2014
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