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Guardian 002 - Beelz by no-guy Guardian 002 - Beelz by no-guy
I woke up today and didn't even eat i just drew pictures to bad music

So continuing on with the Guardians from yesterday, I drew the other two of the U.E.'s today. This is is Beelzebub, Beelz for short, the 2nd of the U.E.'s Guardians. He is a huge prick, often playing pranks and making fun of his fellow Guardians. He's a lot like Darwin, visibly and in how they act. Genealogically speaking they are related, Beelz being Darwins great great great great great great grandgrandfather. Its too complicated to explain without bringing in a character that is unrelated to Beelz.
Beelz is a shapeshifting demon, like Kaple, and can change into anything he really pleases. He particularly likes to be in the forms of a giant snake( sometimes a lizard ) and bat. There forms are useful to him, for battle and for travel.
He is incharge of the population of Hell, taking care of the needs of the masses, and making sure there is room, food, and work for them. But Hell gets overcrowded easily, so he culls the masses every few decades to even out the population. 
Despite being a dickhead to his coworkers, he's actually a very loving husband and father. His mate is a Mother Monster, and he is regularly the father of a some little demon. His current child count is 4, be he had to abandon one because it was a Face Snatcher.
Finding a color pallet for him was a royal bitch. I didn't have in previous idea of his color scheme, so it made it very difficult for me to come up with something. I like to think that, being a shapeshifter, he changes his skin and hair color often, to what ever suits his mood.


Bek 2013
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March 1, 2014
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