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Guardian 001 - Lucy by no-guy Guardian 001 - Lucy by no-guy
Friday drawings. This week has been a widdle monkeyballs on me. This is the only time I've gotten to draw on the comp.

So this is a character I made for Kaple's story( much later in said story ). He is one of the 4 Guardians of The Ultimate Evil, or the God of Evil. His job is to protect his lord from the Godhunters, but also run Hell/The Demon Realm.
Lucy is a colorful nickname for Lucifer, his proper name, but he doesn't mind the shortened version. In the Bible most people believe Lucifer is what the Ultimate Evil is, the Devil. The U.E. is a separate god( think pagan in nature ), and what would be considered God is U.E.'s sister. Lucy was a judge in the Angel Realm/Heaven, but was called upon by the U.E. to work for him. Lucy was transformed into a demon and became a figurehead in the Demon Realm. Most demon's didn't know of the U.E., or had any idea what he looked like. So when Lucy showed up and spoke on behalf of his master, he was named the actual U.E. So he's the political ruler of Hell, along with the 3 other Guardians.
Lucy has a humanoid form, but also a dragon form. The dragon form is used when in battle, but also when in the physical presence of the U.E. The U.E., being a creature made of pure dark energy, causes any demon to either revert to their deepest demon form, or be drained on their soul, when physically near him. Lucy often changes to this dragon form against his will when speaking to his master.
Thats about all I can say at this moment. So toodles.


Bek 2014
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February 28, 2014
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