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Give You Love, Love by no-guy Give You Love, Love by no-guy
Why don't teach your heart to feel?
And give you Love Love!
Give you Love Love!
Gemme, gemme, what I need~

Music made me do it, I swear.
Really though I was listening to this song and thought of two characters I hadn't really shown much. Junko( right ) and Tommy.
Junko is an alien from a galaxy humans in my headworld don't know exist. He's a Skyman, a race that has developed air travel more than anything else. Despite such technology they live in a world close to that of dark ages. I base it off feudal China, and most of their culture is based off Asian culture. Junko is a Skymaster, an elite in his culture, because of his abilities with an aircraft.
Tommy is a punk-rock singer and guitarist, and the lead of a band. He suffers from Haphephobia, to a crazy extreme. He cannot stand being touched by another humanoid creature, especially if he's touched intentionally.

They meet when Junko gets pushed into the "space between spaces" by a creature called Black Cloud, a being of smoke from another reality, that hunts in ours. He was trying to protect his people from it when it flung him into the space between realities, and had to fight his way back out. Since the concept of space was different between the two plains, when he went back into his reality, he was so far away from his planet that he was on ours/Earth.
Tommy was alone in the woods at that time, mostly getting drunk and being depressed, when Junko arrived, in the sky right above him.
Then they fought the black cloud and I stopped writing to go eat dinner.

I'm not kidding, I stopped writing the description to go have a meal. I was gone and hour and a half. We went and ate at Hooters.
Anywhore, theses two characters are based on this really old roleplay me and Ryan did a LONG time ago. These two lesbians- I mean guys were part of a HUGE yaoi phase me and Ryan were going through. I rebooted them a few months ago, but didn't do a whole lot with them. Music made me draw then just now, so here you are.

"Love Love" by Take That  Okay this is the song that made me draw. I picture scene in my head and boom I waste a Friday drawing some weird gay characters :| (Blank Stare)

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November 29, 2013
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