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Gabriel and Gabrus look at men by no-guy Gabriel and Gabrus look at men by no-guy
What brothers usually do.

So, Gabriel( left ) is actually Sinner, but back when he was an Angel. Gabrus is the older of the two, but when the boys hit puberty Gabriel was a fast bloomer. You would assume he was the oldest of the two, just looking at their appearance and physical development. And, Gabriel falls into the 'big brother' role much better than Gabrus does. Gabriel likes to call Gabby "My Senior", which gets bastardized as "M' Senior" a lot.  Him and Gabrus are the sons of an Arch Angel, named Michael. Michael is one of the more powerful beings in Heaven, and is in charge of the Guardian Angels. He assigns them souls to take through the Afterlife process, and is kind of like the manager are Wal*Mart. Michael often invites member of the God-Race to Heaven, mostly on business. One of his regular visitors is Father Time/God of Time, and when PapaT shows up he brings his 'son' Nortium.
Gabrus, when he first saw Nortium( which is not whats being depicted here ), was very interested in him. He snuck away from his job to follow him around, being a little stalker for a bit, and watching how Nortium acted. After attempting to talk to him, Gabrus got social anxiety and bailed out.
On PapaT's next visit, Nortium was extremely different. As a kid he didn't really have emotions, or expressed them. He was kind of a mindless slave of PapaT. But around the time of theses visits, he too was going through puberty, and his emotions developed, partially over night it seems. Gabrus again stalked Nortium, and really liked what he saw, and started to get a crush on him. Then, this scene here happens, and Gabrus gets his first wing-boner. Gabriel teased the hell out him, but for the most part was out of all these events.

I started drawing Gabriel and Gabrus hanging out, and got this idea while drawing them. I was like "huh, whats Gabrus looking at?" and went from there.
Then I wrote a needlessly long backstory for it.


Bek 2013
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November 15, 2013
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