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Emerald and Powder Green Pearl by no-guy Emerald and Powder Green Pearl by no-guy
Partners in crime; Always up to something; Hostesses with the mostest-es.

Emerald and PG Pearl are from a different team than Hematite was. I call the team of gemsonas that Emerald is on the PG team, as the characters from that confide more to the lore of the show and( so far ) the backstories of the gems are more tame and cute compared to the team with Hematite.

Emerald is based pretty much on those fancy ladies that go to the ball and have big powdered wigs and super fancy dresses. Emerald herself is as big as her wig( its not actually a wig, ) she was an aristocratic gem on Homeworld, I'm not sure what he purpose was, but she was crazy about parties and often hosted many. Shes a bombastic creature, its hard to show that in just descriptions alone.

Powder Green Pearl, or PG Pearl was the pearl assigned to Emerald to be her helper. She's actually designed to look like a french poodle; I thought it would be hella cute. The relationship they have is more akin to two BFFs in high school. They're very close platonically. PG Pearl may be something of an instigator for Emerald. She's not as developed as Emerald yet.

The two kind of got fed up with Homeworld together and ran off while on another planet that later got abandoned for some odd reason. They later met up the rest of the PG team.

On an artistic note I'm more pleased with how these two's gem detail came out. I may go back to the other gems i posted so far and fix them using what I learned.

Henry Plante 2017
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June 6, 2017
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