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25 Essential Expressions by napalmnacey Kaple by no-guy 25 Essential Expressions by napalmnacey Kaple by no-guy
I'm on a meme streak.

Well, here's Kaple, expressing himself. Hes my baby.

Happy- I got freaking gigglely about this one ;; I like seeing this baby happy, he's just a big happy puppy I just kjhaslkjfhakhf
Sad- Aw baby's sad now ;m;
Pleased- I like this one a lot. Hes watching karma get someone and hes reveling in it.
Angry- "The fuk u jus say"
Confused- I like this one a lot because it messes with my feelings.
(Tired)Normal- Kaple is a grumble butt so he always looks super tired ;w;
Shocked/Surprised- "NO NO NOT IN THE FACE-"
(Irritated)Normal- He always looks pissed off about something ;w;
WTF?!- I think this one looks like its reacting to the next one
Triumph- "HA, thats karma, bitch, sUCK IT"
Fear- Chylox is prolly in his house and he's hiding.
Bereft- I couldn't tell if this with being used as a synonym for apathy or not ;; All the other ones done of this meme show em really sad but not bawling, so I didn't know what to make of this.
Flirty- The frame only shows his face but I can assure you hes posed like a pinup for this one.
Serious- He's prolly listening to someone talk about srsy bisniss. I like to think that this one morphs into the next one.
Silly- "Ohhohohoho~"
Hollow/Blank- I couldnt come up with anything for this one( also hate this expression in general, boring as fuk )
Incredulous- "You think I was born yesterday, sonny jim?"
Confident- "Ha, I am the victor."
Fierce- I just imagine Chylox standing over him and saying some shit and hes just like "THE FUCK YOU AINT GET OUT MY FACE"
Despondent/Pouty- "But.. you said I won."
Drunk- I also think this is him in love or getting brain.
Rage- "...YOU-!"
Sarcastic- Aint havin' none of that shit, but hes having a laugh about it.
Disgusted- Don't ask me what he same.
Ill/Nauseous- This one is cute to me and I don't know why.

Welp, theres a meme ;w;


Hey Tomorrow Fuck You And Your Friend Yesterday - Mindless Self Indulgence 

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May 26, 2015
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