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This group is active. Last update 05/2021.

We welcome any kind of gender non-conforming art.
Anyone is free to join and submit!

What is gender non-conforming?
Gender variance, gender nonconformity or GNC is a behavior or expression that does not match classic gender norms.
GNC includes feminine boys, masculine girls, most nonbinary people and anything else that goes against traditional views on genders. You don't have to be nonbinary to be gnc!

What is nonbinary?
Nonbinary is a catch-all category for gender identities which are outside the gender binary, that is, genders that are not strictly boy or girl.

• Please refrain from posting disrespectful material.

• OCs, FCs and fanart are allowed, as long as it's your own art.

• We accept NSFW, as long as it's properly tagged.
⤷We do NOT accept gender-related fetish content such as gender transformation, as it does not fall under GNC.

• Please don't submit wips or incomplete works (ychs included)!

Adoptables are not allowed as they're not settled characters.

Any questions can be sent to Snaildoki!
Have fun!

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Mature Content

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Mature Content

Falling OutDoomsday was here.Despite our best efforts to deter it, we still hadn’t convinced enough people. No amount of broadcasts and bullhorns would convince the wicked and naïve.“He has no one’s interest at heart but his own,” we said. “He is tricking you; the device will kill everyone on the planet except for those close to him.”We detailed his plans as best we could to the public without sounding loony or overwhelming them with language they couldn’t understand. We shouldered many attempts on our lives and used them as evidence.And we did convince many people, we did. But there were just too many that either didn’t believe us, or were certain they were part of the exception and gleefully agreed to genocide.We thought we had killed him and destroyed the device, at the last second. But perhaps it was all a distraction, because I saw him and the device. And now, we looked out at the horizon in defeat from the doorway, having seen the device begin to start.The device reminded me a lot of something between a giant battery and the decaying isotopes I had heard about from the distant past. But obviously, this one would hurt a lot worse than any nuclear disaster, considering it intends to wipe out all human life.I sighed.That’s when a small man came to us and offered us what looked like a large, red stick that was slightly curved at the end. It reminded me of the shape a slap bracelet takes when it has not been… slapped.He told us they would keep us safe.I find that hard to believe, as all I had ever known was that a certain suit or outfit would be what spared you from this device.But before any of us could object, the man had shoved them into my partner’s hands. But to my surprise, my partner hesitated instead of dropping them, and then slowly handed me one. As I took it from him to examine it, at the back of my mind I thought, but what if it’s true? I knew my partner was thinking the same thing…I glanced at the man below, and he had that sort of sneering smirk someone gets when they’ve finally beat you. I curled my lip in disgust and tossed the stick over my shoulder, crossing my arms in front of me in quiet, furious defiance, staring him down. I could tell from the corner of my eye that my partner was feeling apprehensive from my actions.“Fuck off,” I snarled. I would rather die than be a part of this. I was certain this little man worked for the bastard responsible.He shrugged, but I could tell he was a little perturbed at not winning me over as easily as he had thought. He smiled at my partner before leaving.“Drop it,” I said sternly without even looking at him.“I’m just… going to sit it under my knee,” he responded. He didn’t seem nervous now, instead dryly amused, as if he didn’t really believe the stick would work anyway. I thought maybe I had convinced him, but he did refuse to stop touching the stick with his body and was rather awkwardly down on one knee. I rolled my eyes, but continued to stare out…….And now, I’m not sure how long it’s been.It feels like it’s been snowing forever, winter forever. Yet, according to my thermostat, it wasn’t always cold.I was alone now. Far from most people, with the nearest town a long, winding road away, ironically still the same town that housed… that compound.Not only had everyone left, but my partner in particular was now working on the other side… so I guess not actually my partner anymore. He was in some power plant, or factory, or something, I don’t know – just that it was some work with the system. I had met him briefly, but refused to talk to him.I hadn’t spoken to a person in a long time, probably not since doomsday.So I huddled alone in the empty house, only two cats to keep me company.So much snow, and yet not so much…It was certainly deep, and was impossibly full especially off the rusted iron walkway and twisted staircase down from home. Not that it mattered, as it had rusted and fallen from the first spiral, leaving no way to use it. Instead, I had to make the trudge up a steep false driveway.I’ve been primarily self-sustaining, as going to town just makes me irritable and aggressive. People mock me, intent to believe that everything we were saying was wrong, and stupid. I remained adamant to my suspicions, which made people mock me more and avoid me, like I was a street corner bum claiming to be a prophet.I do admit confusion. We were certain to die. He literally told us.And then suddenly, it didn’t happen. And his whole demeanor changed as well, like he was a different person. In fact, despite his earlier detest for the most of the world, and his strong implications of an aggressively capitalist fascist state, everything… was quietly taken care of.It had to be a trick, something was going on.But, I had no way to prove anything, and no means to. Instead, I was now alone, waiting for something to happen, or someone to come help me. Nobody believed me, though – it seemed nobody picked up on the suspiciousness of the situation.Like the snow. So much snow…I huffed as I limped down the path. I had begun needing a cane. I don’t recall an injury, and I am not old, but yet I felt pain and had trouble moving along quickly. Which was a problem, as the night gets dangerous around here. The raptors come.At least, that’s what we call them. They almost look more like movie raptors rather than the actual dinosaurs, some weird combination of a rabbit and a wolf but with scales instead of fur. However, they are still dangerous, coming at you like aggressive dogs. But they do not bother people once they are inside their homes, provided the home has the doors and windows shut.Unfortunately, I had slept in and realized the cats needed food. It was one of the only reasons I ever left for town to actually be in town, amongst the people and shopping. And in more bad news, I had to finally resign to use the heat.How did the day go by so quickly?I was doing a hobbling run at this point. I was nearly to the foot of the drive when it finally became night, officially. I clambered as fast as I could up the hill, through the thigh-deep snow. I could feel them bearing down on me, the instinct had developed easily. But I was almost the top, to step over to the door…Suddenly, two skidded to a stop in front of me.I halted, clenching my cane and my teeth tight. I breathed a large sigh through my nose. So, this is how it ends. I closed my eyes. After me, there will be nobody left…I raised my cane defensively when I heard one charge, and I was slammed to the ground. I won’t go down without a fight, even if it won’t be much of one. My thick coat protected me from the gnashing teeth, but was also my downfall as it made it difficult to move and try to get up.I’m not sure how long I was scrambling on the ground when I heard the sound of a recreational vehicle. The raptors darted away as someone pulled up.“Are you all right? I heard someone running—I knew it had to be someone in trouble… I was on the forest patrol and came as fast as I could.”Oh, it was him, the man formerly known as my partner. Christ, how many jobs does this guy have?He looked concerned as he held his hand out to me. I wanted to snarl so many things at him, tell him if he was so worried about people in danger then--…Instead, I muttered thanks. He looked surprised as he helped me back up.“You… you spoke.”I curled my lip, rolling my eyes. I turned away from him and began hobbling back up the slope. I shouldn’t have even said that one single word, but I just had to let history affect me, apparently.“W-wait! Stop! Please, why won’t you talk, at least to me? Why can’t we talk about this!? Please--!”I’m sure he had an explanation for himself in his holster alongside his firearm, but I didn’t want to hear it. Nothing he could say would convince me of his choices, not after everything we did that he tossed aside.I gathered my groceries quietly, not looking at him as he called and tried to follow, and continued making my way up. Suffer.

Mature Content

Mature Content

[OST/OC] 1. Slowly by WriterLuss
Virgil anxiety sanders closet costest by Odscene
Nepeta captor closet cosplay by Odscene
Neopodunk 8 by GeneralMStudios
Graphics and Merch
Deminonbinary by LordBlackLotus
Demigirl Stamp by LordBlackLotus
GNC Transgender Emoticon by CensoredSecret
Trans Gender Non-Conforming Emoticon by CensoredSecret

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Snaildoki Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh this group is not for non binary ocs! it's for any oc of any gender that does not conform to gender roles (aka boys have to be manly and girls have to be feminine etc)
TheMadKatArtist Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It said non binary and I didn't want to upset people so I thought I'd let you know. I'd be happy to add to the group again
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we've been tossing in all the pages that have the girly-guy character but today we finally got to post the page of the comic that specifically addresses the "don't judge me just because i have pink hair" thing :dummy: ty for adding the comics folder ♥

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