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This is a creation for Nation of the Dead, a campaign setting of mine for D&D.
The Rageforged
"Evil that does not sleep, does not tire... creatures of spike and stone and metal... I have seen madness, and it is the rageforged..." -Vorin, an obviously shaken barbarian

On Shello, the grey-white mists that scour the lands are harmful to some degree to most mortals, this is not so for the warforged. No one is entirely sure how these menaces to life first came to be, but it is obvious they are one of the most dangerous forces in the world.
Rageforged live in what can barely be construed as a society, wandering bloodthirsty nomads that just want to spill blood. They will barely kill other warforged or rageforged because they don't spill blood or feel as much pain but will usually, without thought, kill humanoids and living creatures as sadistically and ruthlessly as possible, and in most cases a rageforged will consume the bloody flesh of their dead victems(or living, if they have the Jaws of Death feat).
The closest things to leaders the rageforged have are known sometimes as 'ragelords' and are usually only considered leaders because of how well they kill and how hard they die. The strongest and toughest(and likely most cunning) rageforged is thought to be known as Bloodsword(CE warforged martial barbarian 12/frenzied berzerker 5) and is often depicted as stained with blood, red paint and at least two humanoid corpses on his spikey body, aswell as his vicious, saw-toothed sword.
Rageforged usually appear as a normal warforged, except for glowing red eyes, twisted, warped and dececrated armor and usually have wonton red paint and bloodstains all over them. Many have body spikes and will keep limbs and organic parts of victems on their bodies. Ragelords often have the entire or most of a slain corpse on their spiked backs. A rageforged is never seen without a weapon.
Rageforged exist only on Shello, and congregate in the biggest numbers in the northwest of it.
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Lappy9000's avatar he going into rage, or they like this normally? :O

Nicely done, you've got a good gallery here.