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Swapped SwapOut: Chp3 Pg2


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Swapped SwapOut: Chp3 Pg2


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Unleash The Knightmare


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nights and reala and jackle

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Catalyst (Sketch)

optimus prime and megatron

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Drago and Luna2

awesome fanfac that I like

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FNAF - Happy Halloween 2018 - 10-31-18


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Uryu Ishida


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Cheeky Bastard

full metal alchemist

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Shirley 10th Geass Anniversary

code geass

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Spider-Girl Mayday  vector color

spider man

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Cheeky Bastard


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Oh Dad!

jack and demongo

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For missnene7086

the grim adventures of billy and mandy

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Hidden Feelings (Sebastian x Shy!Male!Reader)

When you had first stepped foot into the Phantomhive estate you were amazed. The manor had seemed large on the outside but it seemed even bigger once you had entered it. Even now after working as a butler at the manor for nearly a week you still got lost in the maze of hallways. Luckily, your mentor, Sebastian, always seemed to find you.  Today like any other day, you were lost again when you heard a voice echo down the hall. “(Y/n)! There you are. Come now, you have work to do.” You didn’t need to be told twice. You obediently followed him towards the kitchen where you were to learn how to make the young masters afternoon

black butler

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Stan Lee [1922-2018]


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Pika Pika, Spidey!


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Dear ______,

A summer of lifesaving gave way to disinterest. You washed your hands of me and left me alone in the labyrinth with half a map and a pair of sneakers.


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The Epic Car Chase

Intro: I was bored as heck, so I came up with this. Also, I am aware that Alice died in Part 2. I don't care. Also, I am introducing my Ghostface OC. His name is Timothy Krueger. As you may have guessed, he IS related to Freddy. In fact, he's Freddy's younger brother. I made that decision since both their movies are directed by Wes Craven. Michael and Jason will be talking with their minds and Freddy and Ghostface will just be able to understand their thoughts. Plot Synopsis: Laurie, Alice, Nancy, and Sidney (The Final Four, as I like to call them) are hanging out at the mall and run into their enemies- Michael, Jason, Freddy, and Ghostface.

horror housemates

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Repentance - music album cover

music-is-in my-soul

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Overlord family


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Time shift

time sihft

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Clone Wave #5

star war unleashed

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Pixel 3XL Darth Vader Wallpaper

dark vader

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Chibi Toothless fanart


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Forever for love song

A monster in paris

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Dawn of Eve - 1


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commission - agentprettyboy

cooler and frieza

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TFTM Transformations: Follow Me


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Gone Wrong ( Slight! Creepypasta X Reader)

** hi guys!! its ty, ur favorite gal ;^) just got on winter break so u can expect some extra stories this month lol <3 anyway, idea credit to : Macboo1 !! i asked for ideas in a recent post and she gave me permission to use this one :) so big thank you to her for the inspiration. things to look out for: 1. Y/n = your name, E/C = eye color, F/N = friends name and so on. 2. reader in this is a bit... blunt 3. only 3 pastas appear in this.... who will it be??? 4. this story is fast-paced compared to my others! 5. look at the extras i have listed down below!! BONUS ITEMS: [link] <- your complimentary fanfic song <3 shoutout to hollywood

creepypasta x male reader

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2 of them

Laughing jack

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