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kid sprite from Secret of Mana by nnf247 kid sprite from Secret of Mana :iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
Unto the Lord
Music starts,
Eyes closed
Not for them
But unto the Lord
I Sway
To give you praise
I dance
For your glorious name
I do for you
as they watch and see
Don't care about them
Just you and me
If I fall
I fall at your feet
For your forgiveness
And your mercy
As the music dies
I break down and cry
For you the main reason
That I've survived
As a song end
And the performance come to a close
I didn't do it for them
but do it unto the Lord
:iconnnf247:nnf247 1 0
how to erase memories
How can you erase memories?
How can you erase history?
It's not like erasing on paper,
It's not that easy
These special memories,
There is Always Something There to Remind Me...
Just like erasable art,
It leaves residue scars.
Remember how things  was before,
Before it was destroy.
How can you erase memories,
When they won't be anymore?
:iconnnf247:nnf247 1 0
Symphony orchestra hall by nnf247 Symphony orchestra hall :iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
Goodbye letter to John
We have been fighting like cats and dogs
We was doomed from the start
Our failure fate is in the Stars
But we kept lying about hearts
Doom was already set
Of our heart to separate
Just like water and oil
We do not mix
With all the memory made
That is slowly fade away
Drift apart
Like a fragile dream
It was destined to happen
Doomed from the start
We keep lying to ourselves
The destruction of our own hearts
We should now forget a hopes
Of being together
Our memories
And our dreams is lost forever
The truth hurts
Even when will you want it so much
Just like the Zodiac says
Aquarius and Cancer just do not work
:iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
my next adventure awaits by nnf247 my next adventure awaits :iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
Cloud Gray
Filled with H2O
Let it flow
God turn on the water hose
bad news
Rain always give me the Blues
:iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
Mature content
poison by sin :iconnnf247:nnf247 2 0
enjoy being solo
Once used to be in the couple
Now Dos end up being Uno
Love is not calling you anymore,
Welcome to the life enjoy being solo
Now you feeling all alone,
no one calling you on the phone
you realize what you're missing
all the affection and attention
but that’s the hand that you dealt
the one that you love is now belong to someone else
Finally realize your love is gone
But you trying to figure out what the hell you did wrong
Will you find another,
you don't know
Until then…
just enjoy just being solo
:iconnnf247:nnf247 4 0
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry for being me
Sorry for being independent, crazy and free
Sorry that my name starts with the letter C
C mean the flow of Creativity
But I can't help but to be me
That what GOD made me to be
I'm sorry for being a fighter
for piece I am after
Converted my demons
And come out as victor
I'm sorry you don't like me
I'm sorry I don't care
I used to care what you think
But now, I really don't give a damn
I'm sorry you afraid of me
Because I look scary
Just because I look so serious
And taking care of business
I'm sorry
For NOT being sorry
To not care what you think
Sorry for being me
:iconnnf247:nnf247 5 1
lying and denying
Relationship end
And now we just friends.
As your new Romance begins
While I'm just playing pretend
I'm fine
Of the fact is that I was your former flame
Now become former lover has-been
Who have a history way back when...
But that's dead pass
Nothing lasts forever
and one day the beauty die
Like a delicate flower
It will fade away in time
Love dies
so I lied I lied I lied I lied
and denied denied denied denied
as I cried and cried and cried and cried to sleep
Of how we used to be
I'm in pain in pain in pain in pain
as it fades it Fades it Fades it Fades
But I'm okay okay okay how things is
But I'm lying denying again
You watch guys getting closer
cuz I'm fading further
away a way out of hand reach
I should move on from this start my own new relationship
But the memories too deep
I know that I should have let go.
So why the hell I'm holding on,
when I know all the love is gone?
I lied I lied I lied I lied 
Denied denied denied denied
As I cried and cried and cried and cried to slee
:iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
Mature content
dear world, for the heck of it :iconnnf247:nnf247 0 0
there will always be
There will always be
Cancer and disease
As long as no cure
There will always be
There will always be
As long as they don't play safe
There will always be
There will always be
War and fatality
As long as no peace
There will always be
There will always be
Tears and despair
As long as we have fear
It will always be there
:iconnnf247:nnf247 1 0
Life as a Pokemon Pika.
Started like Pichu cute adorable innocent and small.
And we evolves to Pikachu a hard-headed Pika-know-it-all.
We evolves of Raichu stage when we outgrown the age of a Pokemon ball.
Then we die into a ghost mode after life Falls.
:iconnnf247:nnf247 1 0




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Rest in peace dear brother

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Well, someone offered me a job so I may be going back to work soon.
Out of the oven
Freshly Hot
Creative Creation
From the Crazy Box.
Today I decided to follow God's command and try to work on my unforgiveness. I don't want god to block my blessings because of this issue...
Today was a good day.
I saw my brother
and I got some lumpias for free.
Was productive in the gallery help to make that money.
Hey, today was a good day

Today was a good day
I saw some nice Asian hottie
Bad news that he got me wet dream
But HEY! Today was a good day


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