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I totally see Thor and Loki.

This here:…
And a happy new year :)
Congratulations to General-Kel for getting 60k :)

Catch a screenshot of my page at 66,666 page views and I'll draw a sketch request.

Life updates:

I moved up an aikido grade. I am now a 4th kyu!

I've just moved home. The lack of internet is painful -_- I bought a contract at the start of the month and they're not giving me a connection until the end of the month. Plz.
Must resist burning through my mobile data :( like I am right now.

I want to draw a one shot comic about Loki meeting Thanos after he fell at the end of Thor. More a reminder to myself. I meant to do it a while back but got derailed by Undertale >__>
Catch a screenshot of my page at 60,000 pageviews and I'll draw a sketch request.

Well it's been 9 months since my last journal, probably should do an update.

Work – good.

Social life – great.

Err... I was part of a book club and now I organise the book club. It's actually not very difficult. I just ask “what do you want to read?” and “when should we have it?” and it pretty much works itself out.

Aikido – I'm training for 4th kyu :3 aikido is the best martial art. Everyone should do aikido <3 <3

Sensei says that in 2 years they'll be visiting Hombu dojo in Japan again, the aikido headquarters, and I can come along if I want. Asdfgasddfgdfg. That sounds so cool 8D

Art – ehhhh..... Ehhhh..... >_> I've been pretty bad with art. Maybe next year I should set myself like a target of drawing once a week. A target that I probably won't keep. Oh dear.

Lately I've been prioritising going out and doing things versus being an introvert and staying in. It's been good fun but I do miss having alone time and drawing all day. Do I go out with friends or do I be a loner? Friends? Or be a loner? The choices we have to make yeah.

I need a time-turner I think haha. Why can't time turners be real :(

Naahh I'm kidding : P

..... or AM I? Haha.

Man it's weird being on dA. It's been so long. And it looks so ooold :( (That's probably because recently I've been researching modern website designs for work). Maybe I should make a better, shinier art sharing site myself! Meh whateves. Too much effort P:

So how are people? And more importantly whose seen Star Wars 7?!!
Wow has it been a year already :P I can't believe it.
A lot happened last year,  I got a job writing JavaScript then learned how to write JavaScript. Yeah in that order. I love it, it's fun and it's nice to be out of education earning actual money. I've been spending it on cool things like...
Aikido classes.
Rock climbing.
Actually going outside and socialising.
Building a fancy new computer.
You get the picture.

So life is pretty darn good for me right now, the only disadvantage though is that I have nowhere near the amount of free time that I used to. But eh, what's new.
In a way it's nice, I don't know if anyone else gets this but with all these pageviews and favs and whatever it can suck some of the fun out of making stuff. Since I don't have the time or need for popularity and since I now know for a fact that I don't want to make a living doing anything artistic I can just chill. Does anyone get what I mean?

How are all you lovely people doing by the way? :)
Are there any of your deviations you'd like me to look at and comment on?

Life Level Up

Sun Feb 16, 2014, 2:39 PM

Life Level Up

Hello, hello! How is everybody doing?

I, myself, am excellent! In fact more than excellent because I have just got the coolest job ever - Web Developer! :la:

Omgomgomgomgomg :faint:

That means I will have to program things... even though my degree was in maths... whatever, close enough I guess :shrug:

I bought myself a sweet guitar. Look: 

Isn't it cool? It sounds like a dream :love:

I wanted a red or wood coloured one originally but the guy in the shop recommended this one. It's the same colour as my piano actually.

I have too many hobbies. My grading in Aikido will be coming up in a few months. Oh boy. I promised I'd help with the club website too. Oh boy.

Everybody who is still in school - you do not appreciate how much free time you have :ohnoes: I miss the days I could sit at home and draw comics all day. Those things are super time consuming and I've got several ideas floating around. The problem is just finding the time to get them done without holidays that last as long as school/uni ones do.

Here's a taster of what I have planned:

** Several more RotG/Jack Frost comics
** Continue with that Loki comic at some point. I got a bit thrown off by Thor 2: The Dark World. Not that it was bad, it just gave me writer's block for some reason.
** Preview of an original comic I'm planning. I was meaning to start an original comic for a while now but an idea would change into something else or the plot would go on a tangent and break off into a different story. But it's starting to settle down now so I feel like I can show more.

Season's Greetings Everybody

Thu Dec 26, 2013, 1:28 PM

Life Level Up

I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas!!

Wish everybody the best of luck for this coming new year :hug:

Anybody watch the Doctor Who xmas special? I found it very disappointing :/ it felt very lazily written and not thought out very well.

This time of the year inspired me to draw a short Rise of the Guardians comic where the good and bad guy had their roles reversed - it's over here if you haven't noticed it already :  
RotG: Good Pitch vs Evil Jack by nnaj

I don't know what's up with my inspiration, it's been all over the place lately xD Maybe that's a ... good thing???

Been a while deviantArt

Thu Nov 21, 2013, 5:59 AM

Life Level Up

How's everyone been doing?

I've been decent and it's been pretty eventful on my end what with moving to the other side of the UK and all. At least I'm living in the south now where it is MUCH warmer and dryer – not that anyone down here believes me =P

Most of my stuff was packed away for the last two months while I fixed up my new room. Kind of refreshing actually, not having my laptop or tablet or anything else. In the mean time I did all my drawing and writing inside a notebook. The result: I've finished a plan for what might be my next comic (though not for a while and not until I finish the current one) and made a few interesting developments in my style. Here's an example:

Caricatures by nnaj

Not exactly “kawaii” I know, but it amuses me =P

* * *

What do you think of the new journal layout?

It's not perfect but it'll do. --Try hovering over the menu =P (and tell me if anything is broken :stare: )

I may have mentioned it already but I'm studying web design. I've been reading about all sorts of things: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, javascript, jQuery, content management systems, Bootstrap... you name it. There's so much stuff out there it's ridiculous.

So yeah, it's all coded by hand. No cheats or Dreamweaver or anything. Eventually the plan is to make my own website – a plan that is actually starting to seem doable now :XD: There are a couple of coding ideas that I want to experiment with and I'd like a better way of displaying my comics since just shoving them on dA turns your gallery into a big fat mess :stare:

No Internet

Tue Sep 17, 2013, 7:38 AM

Life Level Up

Well... Crap :stare:

I'm moving to the opposite side of the country and due to reasons it got a little delayed. However the Internet was still arranged to be cancelled on the same date. I am coming to you from my iPhone and it is absolutely bugging out trying to write this. Bleh. 

Got another 2 weeks of this to deal with :(

Problem - how do I update the comic like this?
I had completely forgotten that this was going to happen, I could have put the pages on the autoupdater otherwise. 

Oooooohh Myyyy Ghhhaaaadd!!!

Tue Sep 10, 2013, 4:37 PM

Life Level Up

What is this? What am I watching?!!! I don't even--- this is like every fanfiction ever :omg: --and that's neither a compliment nor a criticism.

*sigh* Surprising as it may be to learn I never shipped John/Sherlock. It simply never bothered me that other people do :shrug: I like Cumberbatch but Jeremy Brett is my One True Canon Sherlock and, though this is a parody, it's so close in production values that it's starting to trick my braaaain :ohnoes:

CANNOT UNSEE! :stare: I figured I'd share my "trauma" with everyone. Mwahaha

I mean sorry :(

In other news. I went to Glasgow Comic Con. I obtained this awesome Attack on Titan jumper.

Feel free to seethe in jealous rage :meow:

I wrote some code. Then it worked.

Fri Sep 6, 2013, 6:36 PM

Life Level Up

So like in my last journal I said I wanted to start learning HTML/CSS. I eventually got some time between work shifts, sat down and read an entire beginner's textbook on CSS in the space of a week. That was... pretty intense :omg:

Yeah then I took everything I had learned and used it to code this journal skin. By hand. I didn't use any programs like Dreamweaver to help me if you're wondering.

It's not finished. There's a couple more graphics I want to create (especially for the top of the journal), mess about with fonts and edit the bar at the side a little but so far I'm posting because I want to see how it actually looks on my page. Anybody getting any weird bugs?

Other than that... man this stuff is easy! I was seriously expecting it to be much harder than this. I've still got a lot to learn but I've already managed to do quite a bit in a relatively short space of time. Actually, coming up with a good design takes as much effort as making the design work so I need to improve my design skills on top of everything I guess :shrug:

I should probably do the rest of my profile too. What's the point of having all these subscriber features if I don't use them?

After I do a couple more experiments with CSS I plan to get a start on Javascript. I have an idea for a small game that I can make with it.

Also I still have "translate comic" sitting on my To Do list.

I'll get around to doing everything. .....eventually ^^;^^;

Я хочу перевести мой комиксы на русский язык, кто-нибудь может мне помочь? Даже не нужно хорошо понимать английский язык, просто проверить если я правильно всё написала :)
Если вы поможете мне с русским я могу помочь вам с английским :XD:

Let me save you a trip to google translate, I want to make a russian version of my comics but I'm asking for help because my russian is awful :/

Since we're talking about languages, my attempt at learning german is going pretty slowly. (I started because I noticed a lot of people who watch me seemed to be german. Also germany sounds awesome.) Other things that I have to do keep popping up and pushing it to the bottom of my priority ladder. It's still going though, I try to listen to german music and attempt to read news articles, only this is happening veeeryyyy slowly.
Give me a year or two and I'll be trying to translate comics into german too loooool :lol:

Big time consumers are working and job hunting for a better job. Speaking of which, I asked my dad for advice and he said "you can draw, you know maths, why not learn how to code websites?". Hmm, guess I'll be learning a fourth language now; HyperText Markup Language :la:
I had a great weekend :) And I appreciate all the well wishes so sooo much :love:

I think I'm a weird mix between being an introvert and an extrovert because I love crowds but parties exhaust me. I HAD A GREAT PARTY!+BUFFET+MOVIE+COFFEE+MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING FROM THE GIG! SO MUCH FUN!! I hope everyone has happiness and good health in their future.

Now excuse me I'm so tired, I don't even know what I'm writing. Goodnight :D
I'll just share this news story…

Trash talking gamer sent to jail for talking trash.

"In February, Justin Carter, then 18, was engaged in a Facebook dispute with someone from his online gaming community. The gamer called Carter mentally disturbed on a public wall, and Carter, with withering sarcasm and a teenager's poor judgment, wrote back:

I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten

And watch the blood of the innocent rain down

And eat the beating heart of one of them.

Carter and his lawyer insist the statement was a joke - albeit one in poor taste. But it's hard to read sarcasm over the internet.

Soon a Texas law enforcement agency received an anonymous tip from Canada. Carter's home was searched and he was arrested. Now, he's been sitting in jail for almost five months, unable to pay the $500,000 (334,470) bond required for his release."

It's scary for me because it makes me think about what I may have posted that could be taken out of context like that. A lot of art and media that I enjoy often has disturbing themes or themes of extreme violence and, for better or for worse, I would like to be free to explore those themes too. (I hope everyone here already knows that "violent media creates violent people" is a load of bull.) But if so many people could misunderstand this so much and have such an extreme reaction to it - yeah that's scary.

I will place a bounty on all horseflies and have them hunted into extinction.

So I went to Wales for a week. I stayed in The Black Mountains, near The Vale of Grwyney. Seriously, the Welsh are awesome at coming up with names. There was also the Mynydd Du Forest and the Wiral Wood near by. I think I need to steal some of these...
I went hiking, canoeing, looked at lots of ruined castles, waterfalls, Egyptian relics (for some reason) and stuffed my face with food. Everybody go visit Wales, Wales is the best. They have a dragon on their flag, that should be reason enough :nod:

Also I think my life is turning into an action movie.

Why? Well one of my interviews was for a job that involved writing user documentation for robots. The interview had to be rescheduled at the last minute because of a terrorist attack. This is a true story, I sh*t you not :stare:

Fingers crossed though, that job sounds reeeeeally cool :la:
Don't bother asking questions.

Don't watch the trailer. (I went because my friends were going. All I knew going in was "Guillermo del Toro" and "mecha")

Just trust me on this one.

Yeah I had the previous one for ages and I was getting a bit tired of it. Not sure how much I like this new avatar but it'll do for now.

What else is new?

Oh did you know that Adobe released Photoshop CS2 as freeware? There was a little confusion around it because they used some weird, contradictory language but basically they put up the software, the key to unlock it on their site, then walked away whistling and twiddling their thumbs. If that's not free then I don't know what is :I


Anybody been following E3?

I haven't been following it particularly closely but it was fun watching chunks of the Xbox One fly past.

Anybody actually planning to get a new console?

I probably won't for a while. There's still a lot of games from this gen that I never touched and it seems I'm not as big a gamer as I used to be. Though that's probably because very few people are making the kinds of games that I'm into.

However I must say that if Squeenix get their business together and finally release Final Fantasy versus13 or XV or whatever they're calling it now my money is leaving my fist so fast that it will be travelling near the speed of light. As it goes along its path it will fuse together the atoms in the air and create a nuclear blast that shatters windows and tears trees out of the ground.

Look at this trailer. Just look at it.