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The Storm Inside

By nna
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I got to see this movie earlier then it's release date because Disney was kind enough to show it at CTN. I won't spoil the movie but I will say I recommend it!

Elsa did end up being my favorite. Idina Menzel = <3

Artwork is inspired by the original concept art by the lovely Brittney Lee

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Gorgeous work on this! Yeah, I like Elsa, too :D
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This is so beautiful!!!!!
Love it so much! :)
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Beautiful !!!!
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Beautiful!!! Wowww!!!
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wow, the dress is soo pretty! 
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have an awesome weekend. If you could please share this feature, I'd really appreciate it, as lots of hard work goes into finding and selecting all the awesome art and running the blog. Thanks!…
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This is a really cute style and I love the patterns on her cape! :)
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I love your style of art and this one of my all time favorite Frozen art.
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Yeah, Idinia Menzel is awesome.  ^-^
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Waaaawwww precioso!
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ngl I thought of you when I learned who was cast as Elsa. I somehow knew you were gonna dig her. Which is awesome.
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this art style man.. i love it.
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I love this! Stunning work.
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画的很漂亮,我也很喜欢《冰雪奇缘》~(It's very beautiful! And I like the<Frozen>,too!)
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She must let it go.
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I've seen a lot of Elsa fanart, and although I love her character, I do not fave every single piece of art I see. This one, however, is really outstanding. I like how it shows the fragile side of Elsa. Of course she is an independent lady who does not need a man by her side to rule a kingdom, but nevertheless, she is insecure about her magic abilities and how the people perceive her. Additionally, she still feels guilty about what happened years ago when she actually tried to save her sister but ended up hurting her involuntarily. Most fanart shows Elsa being an attractive woman, which she definitely is (as far as you can say this about a fictional animated character), but to me, she is primarily a thoughtful character who tries to isolate herself in order to not bring harm to her loved ones. And in my opinion, this drawing expresses this very well. So if it means anything to you, please take my fave and this feedback.
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So beautiful ♡
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Elsa is my favorite Disney Princess. She's just beautiful and independent and has an amazing singing voice! I caught glimpses of the movie twice when me and my parents went to the movies(I was WAITING for my dad to tell me to go get a refill so I could run in and take a peak at it!). But sadly, I'll have to do what I did for Wreck it Ralph and spoil myself with spoiler clips and fan art untill the movie comes out on DVD(my parents don't wan't to sit through a "cartoon"TT-TT).
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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i am so curious as to what you use for a drawing software? and what brushes? your work is amazing!!
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I agree, nice movie, could have been better here and there but still really nice movie.
Elsa is a hot Ice Queen.
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