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The Simpsons

By nna
Interesting design challenge, to draw them in my style.

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I could see this as part of the artwork at SimpsonsLand in Florida for some reason, really nice.

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This is great! I always love seeing a different style of "The Simpsons"!

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this is just amazing
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lol, maggie with the gun...
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I love it. So cool to recognize the character without their iconic style.
Numbuh6001's avatar
Cute version of Simpson family. Nice drawing.
cool style! now how about milhouse?
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looks beautiful and loyal to the style of the 90's simpsons, really nicely done! :D
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Nice job! Bart is surprisingly well behaved and Maggie is about to kill everyone. Go figure.
Can we be expecting any couch scene variations, like the couch gags from each episode's opening?
I don't know what is more impressive; that a different art style can reinvent a classic so brilliantly, or that this piece has over twelve thousand favorites.
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I love this design on the Simpsons :D
The scenario is also a classic one: the family in the TV room, living in chaos but also being content in general.
Looks like a lazy Sunday here (after church, of course) :D
Wonderful job!!
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this is SICKKKKKKK !!!!!
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This looks incredible! Good work!
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Cool. I love how Maggie is holding a gun. XD Plus they all look great in this style.
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I love this so much!
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That might depicture the reboot we need.
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