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Sailor Avengers Wallpaper Pack



Wallpapers of my Sailor Avengers. [link]

More wallpaper requests so I made a HUGE pack. The pack contains wallpapers of each individual character (including the shield lights from my tumblr [link] ), plus the traditional assemble piece and one of all them boxed together.

Each wallpaper (except one) comes in three sizes, 1366X768, 1600X1200 and 1920X1200.

Sorry to say but after this I won't be taking any more wallpaper requests, if there is a specific size you need or I didn't cover something you want, please use your own awesome photoshop skills (or ask a friend) to make the wallpaper. Sorry guys, I love you and all but I am tired and sick today and there are 34 total images in that zip pack, so hopefully something in there will be right for you <3

Remember merchandise of my Sailor Avengers can be bought at my Society 6 shop! [link]
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After Sailor Rage is Sailor Loki and Sailor Fury, but I don't know the last too, althought they are the ones mentioned from the Tumblr Link.
This is so COOL!!