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Sailor Avengers


I hesitate to call this a lineup as it's really just drawings done individually that I tried to paste together somewhat coherently. These are drawings I have been posting on my tumblr for the past week [link]

Some of the original drawings I changed a bit for the sake of the lineup just so it would flow a bit better. I also gave Sailor Ironman a visor because Ironman needs more gadgets.

You may need to download for the full view, it's pretty wide.

tumblr link: [link]

Prints and other merchandise of my Sailor Avengers can be bought at my Society 6 shop! [link]
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OH MY GOD, THIS CONCEPT IT GENIUS! Brilliant thinking. Great job, merging both designs.
Cupric's avatar
this is so much fun! :happybounce:
TheNewie789's avatar
Captain America = Sailor Moon.
Iron man = Sailor Mars
Thor = Sailor Mercury or Sailor Venus
Hawkeye = Sailor Uranus 
Hulk = Sailor Saturn
Black Widow = Sailor Neptune
Loki = Sailor Pluto
I just based on the color of their costume.:D Nice job!
KayleyRogue's avatar
Ahahah!.. Nice!
ToonLexi's avatar
I hate Sailor Moon, but damn is there some good fanart!
Wai-Jing's avatar
Sailor Widow is adorable! *_*
AzabacheSilver's avatar
Liking Sailor Loki 😁
drawinggirl13's avatar
tinpadawan's avatar
captain america looks great! :D liking hawkeye as well.
GalaxyConstable's avatar
Really great concept here, cool style too.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Hey, pretty cool designs here.
Rei-hina's avatar
(I'm not sure if I already said it but) they're cool, such a good mix between american and asian cultures :d
cbugnet2's avatar
Sailor hulk is looking like she's pissed at a REALLY annoying fly.
Rised-of-lupin's avatar
Iron man is the most sexyyyy ^^ 
MochiFiish's avatar
I'm not much of a fan for Captain America, but the way you put her, I actually really like it, she's probably my favorite out of these :3
chishionotenshi's avatar
Wow, I love it! Especially the Galaxia-style Loki. It totally captures the Avengers, while also remaining true to the Sailor Senshi universe. And may I say, you are just fantastic in your chosen medium?
rachelillustrates's avatar
Absolutely fantastic!
kaylathehedgehog's avatar
Perfection, absolute perfection!
xxGabriaelsWingsxx's avatar
This is another great idea put into art! <3
TID3000's avatar
Sailor Iron Man looks like Rei...
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