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Toon X-Men: Beast and Cyclops

Just experimenting around with a different style. You can probably tell by now that the classic X-Men are my favorite incarnation of the team, and Beast is definitely my favorite character. Here are 'toon versions of Beast and Cyclops. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator using a pencil sketch as a template. At some point I might try to draw out the rest of the team in this style.
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I love seeing Hank on all fours, especially with that gorilla-esque proportionality. Keep up the great work! :)
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Please do! I'd love to see your rendition of Iceman in this style (hoping it doesn't look like a skinny snowman in original X-Men costume ;-) )
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Great style.. love to see an animation of the Original 5 in this style. Going on wacky 60's adventures would never be as much fun!
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I always imagined that if they made a PIXAR styled movie about the original 5 X-Men, that it could potentially be an awesome film. This way they could just completely ignore the live-action movie continuity and have some fun. And keeping the relationship between Scott, Jean, Hank, Bobby and Warren at the forefront would make for a much more entertaining film than just having it be non-stop action.

I think that idea is what inspired this drawing.
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Outstanding work!
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^^ I luv toons XD
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Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing this one. :)
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it shows the fun ones always turn out good. ;P
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