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Woo hoo! This show will be aired in fall in my country!
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:heart: I love Wander over Yonder!!! :heart:
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I actually like Sylvia the best because she's tough and spunky.
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whats the title of this show again! i hope i have it in my cable one =3
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I'm waiting for that TV show get to Brazil! It seems to be pretty cool

Nice work.
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That looks really awesome! :D 
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It is the only show I found that didnt have Porn in it :D
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Correction Didn't have port of it 
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God damn My grammar I meant to say was Didn't have Porn of it
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Rule 34 never ceases to deliver. Trust me, I've checked :iconbadassplz:
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:iconsphealwithitplz: I don't care what you say

I'm not gonna look at porn
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That's okay, it's what people like me are here for :iconswagplz:
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Tell me somebody please what a cartoon? I did not hear about this earlier...
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Ahaha, it's called, "Wonder Over Yonder," if I remember correctly...really good cartoon series, I think. xD
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No, it's xalled Wander Over Yonder.The show is about a star nomad named Wander, a Zbornak-who is his best friend, steed, and protecter-named Sylvia.They, as the show says, are helpong travlers that there main objective in life are to help and discover the galaxy.But, there is a villan named Lord Hater, his hanchman Commander Peepers, and his army of watchdogs want to rule the whole universe, and Wander's ways made him and Sylvia enemies to Hater.The show , in the second season, will have a badguy named Lord Dominator, who we last seen in The Rider, who is now scarier, powerful, and meaner than Hater, who is his enemy, and he might try tokill Wander and Sylvia, I don 't know.I saq in the poster that Sylvia, the most fearless character, is scared of him.SEason 2 might get good
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I love the show. This is really good!Wander WHOOT! emoticon 
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