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General Celestine Uncoloured by NMR-Studios General Celestine Uncoloured :iconnmr-studios:NMR-Studios 0 0 Jetaterichos Uncoloured by NMR-Studios Jetaterichos Uncoloured :iconnmr-studios:NMR-Studios 0 1
Zeryaldi Character Sheet
Character Sheet
General Zeryaldi 'the Fierce' – General of the animals
Zeryaldi is the son of Master Lorchwang. Lorchwang was a master of the mixed martial arts. He was brought up under immense discipline, and was a peaceful child that kept himself to himself. When the second fallout occurred, however, he changed into a ruthless killer after seeing so many innocent animals die. He swore revenge against ALL humans.
Courageous, loyal, strong, agile, experienced
Zeryaldi is a bipedal snow lynx, and his face tells his entire story. His expressions are those of peace and tranquillity, but his eyes burn with a vengeance on humanity. He wears simple clothes, much like his father. He is relatively tall, but walks with a hunched back because of years of rigorous training. Despite this, he is in peak physical condition, and always ready to fight.
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Arkangel Character Sheet
General Celestine 'The Angel' Arkangel – General of the humans
Celestine was raised by parents that constantly used and abused her. When Jase was general, Celestines parents persuaded her to seduce Jase, and this gained her a high position, and eventually Jase's old job. When the Second Fallout occurred, her mother was killed, and Jase realised Celestine's true intentions. He banished her father to the lowest places in what little was left of society, but couldn't bring himself to punish Celestine, much to her expectations. She swore revenge on Jase, and in doing so became a mirror of her parents and their reactions.
Forceful, agressive, tough, counteractive, quick-witted, argumentative
Celestine is a very cold woman, reflected by her dress. She always wears a flowing coat, and is almost never seen without a rifle at her side. She wears her rough and scraggly blonde hair flowing around her shoulders. She is very rough looking, despite her high rank. S
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Jase Jager Character Sheet
Jase Jager – Leader of the humans
Jase was the army general before the fallout, leading the army through the rescue and recovery procedures. However, as the discovery of the previous leader smashed to pieces in his bunker by a weak roof beam, he was soon promoted to leader of the entire human race. His replacement was a cold woman named Celestine Arkangel. Unlike Jager, Celestine saw the army AS the leadership, instead of the means to protect the leaders.
Caring, intelligent, quick-thinking, good leadership skills, experienced, sharp
Jase is a very humble character, despite being in ultimate control of mankind. He still wears a tatty combat vest and muddied trousers. He still sports his old dog-tags, and has untidy hair that sweeps down into his eyes. He is fairly young, but still has the wisdom of someone twice his age. Despite this, he still retains some of his young and naive ways, contrasting greatly with Azymar. He is alike with Azymar however in
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Azymar Character Sheet
Azymar – Leader of the animals
Azymar is one of the few animals that, after surviving the second fallout, did not go power-mad. He did, however, manage to rise to the top of the hierarchy as a wise and brave leader. He faced much opposition on his way to power, and to this day there are those close to him wishing to take him down. He knows this, but does not act. He was young when the Second Fallout took place, and his parents died soon after under the rubble of a collapsing city.
Kind, caring, wise, intelligent, understanding, patient, patriotic, father-figure
Azymar, despite being clothed in expensive apparel and riches, is a very weathered and tired old wolf. He clearly shows signs of age, but does not show signs of weakness yet. He has the classic 'wise' look about him, and looks very approachable. His eyes tell his whole life-story, and to most people his incredible eyes are what make him so wise, and so respected. He is fairly tall, having been
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Nidking Marky Rebecca Studios
United Kingdom

NMR Studios
Nidking (N), Rebecca (R) and Marky (M) working in a collaboratory comic effort.

This is the result of our work.
:iconguardian-of-animals: :iconmarkydman: :iconrebecca1208:

Current Residence: ▪ Everywhere you know ▪
Favourite genre of music: Nidking: Native American ▪ Becca: Heavy Metal ▪ Marky: DnB
Favourite style of art: Nidking: Anime ▪ Becca: Realism. Fantasy ▪ Marky: Abstract
Favourite cartoon character: Nidking: Sonic ▪ Becca: Kimo ▪ Marky: Ratchet
Personal Quote: ▪ Behold the insanity three people can bring! ▪
Greetings, all who visit us. NMR-Studios is a collaboration dedicated to creating comics, and our first project is underway!

We will not be giving away any secrets, save for the little bits of concept art we produce, so you'll just have to ride along with us as we complete our first comic.

On our little team we have:
:iconguardian-of-animals: -Me, Nidking. I am the leader, paneller and Lineartist for the comic.

:iconmarkydman:-Marky. He's got the storyline and plot to adapt for each panel, giving advice here and there of which way the story goes, ready for us to do our part.

:iconrebecca1208:-Rebecca. She has accepted the role of colour and text, she's going to be putting the life into the comic.

UPDATE: Uncoloured concept art is now slowly being released. This is in lieu of the fact the cover and first page are nearly done and ready for colouring. It was very slow due to some problems, to say the least.

Suffice to say, very soon we shall be on the road to getting our comic online.


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