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Two Brothers
He could hear his footfalls, pounding on the ground, keeping in time with the pounding of his heart. How dare they? All he wanted was to learn about his brother… What was with everybody and wanting to keep their damned secrets anyway? He told them everything he knew, and they weren't even going to return the favor…
Blaise's head was spinning. Barely able to form a coherent thought, he vaguely realized he was heading the direction of where he last saw Cam all those years ago. He didn't stop. Couldn't.
Where was Cam now? What could he have done that was so bad that those people wouldn't even speak of it? Was he even still alive? How-
He stopped short, eyes widening almost comically. He had reached his destination… But the sight before him… it couldn't be…
His knees shook and suddenly gave out, striking the pavement as well as a glass shard from a broken bottle. He let out a gasp, tears of pain springing to his eyes.
"You always were clumsy. And a crybaby."
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OH DEAR GOD WHUT by nmcclain1996 OH DEAR GOD WHUT :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 1 5 Kalens dragon form by nmcclain1996 Kalens dragon form :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 2 6 Kalen the Cutie by nmcclain1996 Kalen the Cutie :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 3 4 Tessa and Benji by nmcclain1996 Tessa and Benji :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 1 1 Chico and Tashi - Off Duty by nmcclain1996 Chico and Tashi - Off Duty :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 2 4 Charlie - Chico by nmcclain1996 Charlie - Chico :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 1 3 Natasha - Tashi by nmcclain1996 Natasha - Tashi :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 1 0
me: *sitting on edge of bed, clinging to post* I think I have urban legand- *peers backward, falls off bed and swings in circle* *lands on floor, still clinging to post* ... O_O
andrea: *sitting on my bed, cracking up*
me: *on computer, watching pokemon (XD) and singing along to the theme song*
travis: *walks in* ......... um...?
me: *turns around and glares* dont judge me! POKEMON!
(yes, I still watch pokemon... but only the first season online XD DONT PRETEND YOU DONT LOVE GARY! Gary, Gary, he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!!! <3... *stared at* -_-;)
me: *in room, watching TV* *hears a girly scream from downstairs* O_O *runs downstairs to see whats wrong*
travis: *laying on couch next to jared, head buried in his shoulder*
jared: ^^; travis... if you don't wanna watch friday the 13th, just say so...
me: .... XD *cracks up* travis, was that YOU screaming!?
travis: shut up! T_T
(before anyone asks, travis is my gay cousin, and jared's his boyfriend XD)
me: *playin calling,
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Eevee's for points-SET 1-OPEN by nmcclain1996 Eevee's for points-SET 1-OPEN :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 0 21 New Style Vs. Old Style by nmcclain1996 New Style Vs. Old Style :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 0 2 Kani and Roma by nmcclain1996 Kani and Roma :iconnmcclain1996:nmcclain1996 0 3
Secrets Speak CH 2
An angry fist slammed down on the table as Shiku surged to her feet, murder in her eyes.
"Excuse me!?"
Her leaders cold, gleaming golden eyes looked back at her, darkened by the hood pulled up from his cloak.
"You heard me. They are the first children born as one of us. You must give them up for studies."
The venomous green eyes of the man standing next to him gleamed cruely, a smirk twisting his features.
"Don't worry Shiku, I'll take... extra care of them."
Shiku's eyes darkened and she glared at the pair in front of her, opening her mouth to say just where he could stick his 'extra care'.
"Disobey me at your peril Shiku. We will take the children, whether you are alive or not."
Her mouth snapped shut, teeth clicking painfully together.
She gazed at her two companions for support, but they both looked away, defeted.
"Emi... Amami... please! Say something! You know how much I love them!"
Emi looked up at her, trying to keep tears out of her eyes.
"Shi... we're nobodys... we can't feel
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So I Told Myself
People never really liked being around me.
I was depressing, irritable, and pretty much just a drag to be around.
I never had any friends. Anyone who ever tried to befriend me was just shot a cold glare. I guess that was the only way I figured people would ever leave me alone. The only way I could protect myself...
The real problem was, I was weak. Broken. Pathetic.
At least that's what my father would always tell me.
I can't say I was too sad when he died.
My mom and little sister, however, were devastated. Cried their eyes out at his funeral.
They didn't notice me, standing away from them, glaring hatefully at the picture placed on his tombstone. Hating him not only because of what he would say, but because of the sorrow he had brought to my family. I'd NEVER consider it his family. He wasn't worth it.
Only a short month after that, my mother took her own life. For HIM. I was the one who found her, lying on the ground, motionless, empty pill bottle on the coffee table. Dead.
That was
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Secrets Speak Chapter 1
A woman with a black cloak on silently creeps through a deserted street, two small bundles in her arms. She glances around, looking worried, as she walks. One of the small bundles, now obviously a small child, whimpers and crys out a little, clutching onto the women.
The other one is quiet, observing with fear-filled eyes, every once in a while patting the younger child to keep him quiet.
"Alex, it's okay honey, mommas here..." the woman coos, cradling the younger one close to her, his red hair pressing against his cheek.
"Mommy...?" the older one says quietly, voice fearful. "What's-"
"It's okay." she says, choking back a small sob. "Mommy just has to go away for a little while. I promise I'll be back."
The older one nods, slightly soothed by the thought she'd come back for them.
The woman gently sets down the older brother, giving him the red haired boy to hold. She gave him a kiss on the forehead, a few tears escaping her eyes.
"Nick. Take care of your brother. I love you."
Before N
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Me: *bumps into Rachel* *fake* ow.
Rachel: …
Me: *does same thing* *fake* ow.
Rachel: -_-;
Me: *does same thing* *fake* ow.
Rachel: *pushes me* *fake* ow.
Me: *slams into lockers* OW! T_T
(we were at Annie play practice… and I was sleep deprived XD)
Alissa&Rachel: *sit down*
Rachel: sweet, now I don't have to go on till Tomorrow.
Alissa: same here!
Me: … but what about Tomorrow? (thought they were talking about the next day, while they were really talking about the song XD)
Alissa&Rachel: I JUST SAID THAT!
Both: *crack up*
Me: *being all emo and having a bad day*
Rachel: haaaay! What're ya gonna do when you get home today? q3
Me: probably gonna listen to linkin park… draw people being killed. Things like that…
Rachel: … *prods me with sharp twig*
Me: O_o
Rachel: don't make me poke you with the emo stick again! *waves stick in front of my face*
Me: …*bursts out laughing*
(she always knows just how to cheer me up XD)
Me: *list
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Kiba part 1
The two men walked down the halls, one of them staring at a clip board, the other watching him worriedly. The man with the clipboard nodded lightly, making the second sigh in relief silently.
"Excellent. His vitals are amazing. His strength and speed are top of the line. His intelligence may not have him be the brightest bulb on the planet, but he is pretty smart," the man with the clipboard commented happily as the two entered a room.
The man with the clip board looked up from it to see a young boy on a treadmill around the age of seven. The boy was running fast and breathing slightly hard. There were wires hooked up to the boy as he ran, scientists watching his vitals. The man set the clip board down and watched the boy in admiration.
The boy had the same raven black hair and brown eyes as he did. The only difference between him and the boy was that the boy had strange fangs for teeth, a long black tail sticking out from his pants, and long droopy black ears that matched the boy's ha
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The school for the different15
A month later~~~
Akiko pulled her books out of her locker, a smile on her face. Just then two large blue arms wrapped around her from behind.
"Guess who," said a joking voice.
Akiko pretended to think before turning around to face Spud who was grinning.
"Mmmm. I dunno. Is it my cute boyfriend?" she asked before giving him a quick kiss.
Spud grinned wide.
"Akiko good at guessing," he said with a giggle.
Akiko giggled with him. Spud let go of her and produced a small little box with a bow on it, handing it to her.
"Spud think that since Akiko no need the communicator anymore Akiko would like new necklace," he said with a grin.
Akiko felt herself blush lightly before taking it and opening it. It was a thin  rope necklace that had a small, black, rectangular stone on the end. On the stone were white markings that were her first language. She looked up at him to see him grinning wide.
"The computer said the symbols mean love. Spud hopes it's right," he explained.
Akiko smiled and
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