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This is the group for supporters of the New Lunar Republic Air Force. Luna needs more pilots to take on the Air Forces of the Solar Empire, Griffon Empire, the Changeling Kingdom, and Legion of Discord. Do you have what it takes?
Though the focus is on the Air Force, there will be a section for the other armed forces of the republic, targets, and a few for Luna herself, plus folders for other ponies and planes, and Ace Combat/MLP crossover stuff.
If you're on Facebook we're there also:!/pages/The-…

*The artworks, pic's, etc. must be yours, or if they use someone elses stuff credit given (unless the artist doesn't care, but I'd still do it if so). Don't take a picture from the internet and re-upload it unless it's been modified somehow (it's a good way to get your DA account banned fast). This is an important one because some people on here are anal about this.
* No Rule 34. Anthro stuff will depend on what it involves (want it to be a little different than the other NLR groups).
*If Trollestia's minions show up, just ignore them. Likewise don't go to their group and start something either. It'll show who's the most mature. ;) Spying is ok (use an SR-71 though to avoid their defenses :P ).

Luna Nobis Providet :iconlunasaluteplz:
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We're into the last stretch of season 9, and FiM. It was going to happen sooner or later, but it still hurts to see it.

Once again though for some the end came early. Thanks to Videoland over in the Netherlands, the rest of the season has been leaked (they took them down but it's a little late). The reaction to the 3 ending episodes from early watchers has been mixed, and some pathetic wastes of life disliked the ending enough to send hate and threats to show staff (again), to the point Big Jim and others locked down their Twitter accounts.
 I myself haven't watched them (prefer English), but have viewed a few screenshots. My reactions to them and what happened in each included pure joy, surprise, and some disappointment. I won't mention anything in this post though.

That said: I did see one screenshot from ep 25 that I had to modify a bit and make a NLR macro out of. It was too good not to.  If you don't care about spoilers (it's one of the major events in the episode), here's a link to it:

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New Lunar Republic Wallpaper by Fydiasz New Lunar Republic Wallpaper :iconfydiasz:Fydiasz 1 0 NLR Navy - Carrier Air Wing Nine by Wingstream NLR Navy - Carrier Air Wing Nine :iconwingstream:Wingstream 0 0 Don't let the dreams consume you by MunaDrake Don't let the dreams consume you :iconmunadrake:MunaDrake 1,007 59 Don't go to sleep. by Lopoddity Don't go to sleep. :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,032 112 New Lunar Republic Emblem by Landmine752 New Lunar Republic Emblem :iconlandmine752:Landmine752 45 5 New Lunar Republic Flag by JakobTheJ New Lunar Republic Flag :iconjakobthej:JakobTheJ 23 2 New Lunar Republic Coat of Arms by JakobTheJ New Lunar Republic Coat of Arms :iconjakobthej:JakobTheJ 17 0 Bat Team Alpha by totallynotabronyFIM Bat Team Alpha :icontotallynotabronyfim:totallynotabronyFIM 9 3 Equestria's Most Wanted by Zhanrae30 Equestria's Most Wanted :iconzhanrae30:Zhanrae30 8 5 Launch Weather Assistance Team by totallynotabronyFIM Launch Weather Assistance Team :icontotallynotabronyfim:totallynotabronyFIM 8 1 Pegasus Weather Detachment by totallynotabronyFIM Pegasus Weather Detachment :icontotallynotabronyfim:totallynotabronyFIM 8 0 Ice Moon by totallynotabronyFIM Ice Moon :icontotallynotabronyfim:totallynotabronyFIM 8 2 Down With Celestian Tyranny by sodaplayer Down With Celestian Tyranny :iconsodaplayer:sodaplayer 168 16

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Treason - ATG IX Day 19 by Ohemo
NLR Air Force Avengers by lonewolf3878
Avengers (Daytime Version) by lonewolf3878
Avengers by lonewolf3878
NLRAF planes
NLR Air Force Snow Camo Aircraft Models by lonewolf3878
NLR Air Force F-16 Models - 1:72 Scale by lonewolf3878
NLR Air Force SU-50 Model: 1/72 Scale by lonewolf3878
Comm: Pilots by pridark
Insignia, propaganda
NLR Battlefield 1 Logo by Hikaro-Takayama
New Lunar Republic Custom Flag by lonewolf3878
New Lunar Republic Flag by lonewolf3878
Imperial Lunar Navy Black Knight Emblem by LunarIntercepterAce
Fanfic, data
A.C. Battle for Equestria Game Briefing Test by lonewolf3878
Ace Combat: Wings of Unity - The Antares Squadron by SonictheHedgehogPL
Rewrite Secret and Lies ch 8 by Keithsterling
Rewrite Secret and Lies Ch7 by Keithsterling
Other NLR armed forces
LRS Eclipse Aircraft Carrier - 1:144 Scale by lonewolf3878
NLR Navy  Carrier sub LRS Sea Demon (updated) by lonewolf3878
NLR Navy Udaloy Class Destroyer Model by lonewolf3878
New Lunar Republic Navy F/A-18E Model: 1:72 Scale by lonewolf3878
Princess Luna Ver.2 by kgfantasy
Princess Luna by kgfantasy
Dreamwalker by BackMaker
Nightmare Moon Radio Control Pickup by lonewolf3878
Target intelligence
Solar Empire Air Force Painting Diagram by lonewolf3878
Solar Empire Navy Painting Diagram and Roster by lonewolf3878
Solar Empire Air Force JAS-39 Model: 1:72 Scale by lonewolf3878
Rosa's Stratoace by Zhanrae50
Ace Combat-FiM crossovers
JTF HUD Boxes by BusterBuizel
Deckside by DJP15
Other ponies and planes
Viggen by Zhanrae30
Prince Thunderbolt II A-10E Thunderbolt II by Zhanrae30
Flash Sentry vs Raptor by Zhanrae30
Princess Flame by Zhanrae30
Battle scenes
Harmony vs Hokum by Zhanrae50
Advance Wars Equestria: Dual Strike by BusterBuizel
NLR Aircraft Game Sprite Test by lonewolf3878
Welcome to Malden! by BusterBuizel
Pilot profiles
Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles - Gilda by SonictheHedgehogPL
This and that
The Douglas tree by Zhanrae30
Other ponies and military
EQMC LCpl Windbreaker by KamiThePony
Aircraft in general
Heinkel He-115A by COLT731
Video game mods
Princess' Luna's B-2 by The-Nuclear-Pegasus


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White-RainMLP Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2019
Yeah if I have a story in the works that is not pony related, but features characters that are pony OCs in other works. Am I allowed to post it?
slowusaurus Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2019  Student General Artist
I'm surprised that you guys haven't picked up the skin modding for Ace Combat 7 to create NLRAF skins.
lonewolf3878 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019
Good to hear you can do that now. I've been toying around with DCS skins a bit even though I don't have the game (I still don't have a computer powerful enough to run it or AC7).
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Just some examples of the skins I made:

Orca by slowusaurus

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FireStar-Mlp-Painter Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Student General Artist
Im starting a new line of characters based around them being memebers of the NLR (Luna all the way) umm would I still be bale to post them here even if they arnt a pilot?
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For a second I thought this group was something else.
Sorry for bothering you all. ^^;
(I kinda hate MLP but I don't judge people for liking it... At least not anymore, I did back in 2012, but I've gotten used to people liking it now. I just personally hate it but don't hold anything against sane fans of the show.)
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Hmmm. I just now noticed the Solar Empire group is no longer affiliated with us or the  NLR group (the icons aren't on their list). Yet it still shows both of us are still affiliated with them on our pages. A DA error?
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