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Name (Nickname): Camella Marveloe (Cami)

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Race: Assumed to be partially human, and of unknown race

List three to five most important things about your character.
Camella was found as a baby abandoned in a place known as The Thieves Crossing. The Marveloe couple adopted her on request of the local priest and have treated her as their beloved daughter ever since. The few who know of her mysterious past view her as an object of curiosity and sometimes think of her fearfully and treat her with caution as if she might turn into a ferocious beast without a moment’s notice. Even the town priest, a kindly, gentle, elderly man sometimes acts this way despite knowing the sweet Camella her entire life.
Camella became ill with a mysterious unknown illness at the age of 3 shortly after her adopted mother disappeared. Symptoms included sudden fatigue and fainting, fever, vomiting, lack of appetite, loss of magic ability (especially the ability to heal), sudden loss of mental stability, and long periods of seemingly temporary coma.
Camella’s mother disappeared when Camella was 3 years of age- it was assumed she had ran away for unknown reasons. Her father left her at age 7 in order to find a magic cure for Camella’s mystery illness and still hasn’t returned. In response Camella feels as though she is some sort of curse - an omen of bad fortune for those who love her. She tries to distance herself from her classmates and local children but always ends up forgetting herself and having a good time anyway. She adores Tanis, her older foster sister and trusts her with her life.
Camella is a nature mage. She has the ability to manipulate plants and other living beings at will (but mostly just plants). This is a rare ability for a human being and so it is speculated that one of her parents must have been of another race. Local farmers and gardeners often call upon her to assist them in producing the best crops around. Since Camella gained more control over her abilities townname has slowly gained recognition and infamy for the most delicious, ripe, juicy crops in the region. Camella has always felt proud of her ability and feels as if she belongs and is wanted because of this.
Camella has been the town’s pride and joy since she showed promise as a nature mage. Visitors come from around and region to see her do nature magic. The town has since then flourished and become quite the attraction and Camella has become a sort of celebrity. She doesn’t mind, though. Fans call her “flower girl”.
When her father left, Camella took up tailoring to distract herself from emotional turmoil. She found the ability to create something completely from her own mind quite refreshing. This helped her build her own sense of identity rather than just being “flower girl”. She is quite skilled despite only studying for 2 years.

-Physical Details-
Camella is tall for her age - thin and lanky but beautifully so. She has pale skin and a petite, fragile looking frame. She has long periwinkle wavy locks that fall a little past her knees. Her eyes are big, round, innocent and periwinkle-colored to match her hair. She generally wears a simple navy blue, aqua, and green tri-colored dress with ruffles at the bottom of the dress and at the hems of the sleeves, a pale cream-colored one-shoulder apron embellished with rosy pink flowers, rosy pink fingerless gloves to match, and a pair of brown sandals. This outfit is ideal for gardening while looking cute at the same time.

Build/Body Type/Physical Frame: Tall, thin, petite, lanky, fragile. Her body looks like the product between a young supermodel and a runner.

Height: 4'9" - she’s tall for a 9 year old.

Weight: 59 lbs.

Pale and flawless, soft and radiant. Her skin is unusually pale for someone who spends so much time in the sun. One would think she’d turn the shade of a nicely roasted marshmellow or at least burn to a crisp on a hot summer’s day but she her skin remains pale and smooth no matter the status of the sky.

Hair: Periwinkle colored thick wavy locks that fall just past the knees

Eyes: Big round periwinkle orbs that match the natural shade of her hair.

Other defining features/extra anatomy: Camella’s ears are slightly more pointed at the tips than the average humans.

She smiles frequently but rarely shows her teeth unless she’s with Tanis. Tends to relate more to animals than people unless it’s Tanis. She voices her thoughts aloud when she appears to be alone - though, she knows the animals can hear her - passerbys think she’s talking to herself or that she’s crazy.

Camella uses lots of hand gestures when she talks. She’s generally a quiet kid who sits politely in the corner with her hands folded on her lap during a conversation. She won’t give you her input unless you directly ask for it. But, then she can’t stop talking!

Demeanor/Carriage/Gait: Camella has a cheerful, friendly, but slightly cautious demeanor. She is courteous and kind. She is uncertain of herself but carries herself with underlying dignity and confidence. She’d hate me if she knew I said it, but she’s a little tsundere. Slightly tempermental is what I mean.

Soft smooth voice that entices people to please her. She sounds like an angel. Diplomatic, formal tone.

Elegant, simple, practical, cute, innocent,

She generally wears a simple navy blue, aqua, and green tri-colored dress with ruffles at the bottom of the dress and at the hems of the sleeves, a pale cream-colored one-shoulder apron embellished with rosy pink flowers, rosy pink fingerless gloves to match, and a pair of brown sandals. This outfit is ideal for gardening on a calm spring’s day while looking cute at the same time.

Part One: Basic Info
Loves/Favorites: Nature, Tailoring/creating things in general, art, Tanis, Animals, Nature, large bodies of water, fruit, the smell of Tanis’s peach pie cooking in the oven, pretending to be an animal, Her father, sunshine, helping people, naps outside on a nice spring day, her hair, books

Pollution and animal abuse, anyone who makes Tanis upset, she secretly hates her mother, She has a thing with pickpockets (it’s along story), bad odors,

Tailoring, gardening, talking to animals, walks in the woods

She’s great at running, good at tailoring, excellent at nature magic,

Hopes/Dreams: Everybody expects Camella to be a legendary nature mage but what she’d really like to do is study fashion design and tailor her own clothing line. She secretly hopes to be a great fashion designer someday.

Fears/Nightmares: Ostriches and other large birds (another long story), Baemons

Best Quality:
Open and accepting of others

Greatest Flaw: Hubris

Character Strengths: Clever and level headed in stressful times, persuasive,

And the coinciding weaknesses: She’s a little temperamental about small mistakes/annoyances, often overlooks others points or considers them to be of lesser value

- Camella is never seen wearing her hair up
- has an almost unhealthy obsession with organic, fresh, healthy food and cooking
- notorious for using large words that other people are unfamiliar with
- always carries a sketchpad with her for fashion design
- talks to plants and animals

One thing he/she is and one thing he/she is not.
fast, but not strong

What he/she wants (ex: move towards) and doesn’t want (ex: move away from, avoid)
Camella wants to get closer to Tanis and to distance herself from association with her adopted mother.

Part Two: In-depth Analysis: WIP

How does the character picture himself/herself?
Camella views herself as a sweet harmless little angel. She believes she is a protector of nature. She believes she is responsible, kind and friendly, and always right. She believes she is extremely intelligent. She knows she’s shockingly beautiful. She also knows she has a large impact on the town community - she’s aware she plays an important role in the farmers lives and sometimes abuses this quality to get her way. In her eyes it’s not cheating. She’s leveling the playing field.

How do others see him/her?
At first glance others assume Camella is a sweet and docile child. Upon further investigation they find that she is actually quite confident and louder than expected. The other children view her as wise and often go to her for advice. Those who have gotten to know her well view her as slightly self-righteous and a little spoiled. But, her sweet and angelic demeanor makes up for her shortcomings.

Five adjectives that he/she would use to describe his/herself.
Intelligent, sweet, surprising, creative, beautiful
Five adjectives others would use to describe him/her.
Sweet, selfish, beautiful, spoiled, sassy
Most valued possession:
Everlasting Echium Plant from her father

Darkest secret and/or treasured memory:
She secretly hates her adopted mother and is glad that she’s gone. (just a little bit)

The time she used her nature magic to build a fantastic tree house when she was with Tanis. This is their secret girl’s hideout.

Most proud accomplishment and or greatest failure:
GA: Saving the town pumpkin festival (she’s 9, she has her whole life ahead of her)
GF: failing to produce an everlasting plant (she’s still only 9)

Is he/she motivated by possibility or necessity?

Current motivation:
Humble Goal: Camella just wants to live peacefully throughout her life while doing the things she loves - performing nature magic, tailoring, and spending time with Tanis. She’d like to go help Tanis find their father but as she’s sick she is unable to do so. She also wants to study nature magic and hopefully find some sort of ancient herbal remedy for her strange illness.

How does he/she view the future and/or the past?
Camella doesn’t look at the past. She moves forward, always, and doesn’t look back. She sees the future as a bright and shining blank slate waiting for her to paint her life.

What is his/her philosophy on life and death?
To Camella, life upon this planet was an inevitability. It was given to her as a gift from the universe. She will use it to the best of her ability to do good things. Death is also an inevitability - it is only natural and is nothing to be afraid of. Of course, death should generally be avoided, though.
What kind of energy level do they usually have?
Energy level: 6/10 - average energy level but appears more calm than the average person.

How does he/she show and/or handle: love, affection, grief, pain, anger, sadness, conflict, change, loss?
Camella accepts love gracefully even from those she doesn’t like. The same with affection. She tries to respond in kind to both.
She puts grief and emotional pain behind her into the past and doesn’t look back. She numbs it out, lets it heal, and then forgets.
The patient and understanding Camella rarely gets angry. When she does get angry she is quick to act upon her distress with short angry outbursts.
Camella generally doesn’t feel sad. When she is sad she becomes angry and tends to lash out unless Tanis is there to comfort her. She copes by sharing the burden with her sister.
Camella is great at dealing with conflict. She has the ability to accept her losses and provide a good solution.
Unlike most human beings, Camella understand that change is not only not bad it is a necessary, inevitable part of life. Camella even considers change beautiful. If life didn’t change things would get boring, right? If life didn’t change bad things would stay bad, right? “Change is necessary so ugly things can become beautiful.”
She passes loss with grace and strength. Of course it makes her sad, but she has faith she can make it through with Tanis by her side.

Does he/she have a temper?
Camella is generally very calm and understanding. It takes a lot for her to become undone. To strangers it appears that she becomes angry very suddenly and for unclear reasons.

How does he/she respond to the surrounding world, the ‘unfamiliar,’ and other people in general?
To normal humans Camella seems unempathetic when looking at the world around her. She is actually quite accepting and empathetic - she just doesn’t express her emotions very openly so to others it seems as though she has none. She approaches the ‘unfamiliar’ with lots of caution but, with an open mind. Camella views others with an open mind and heart.

Polite or rude?

Stingy or generous?

What kind of ‘public’ face does he/she display?
No front but not open about her emotions either - other people view her as ‘blank’ and don’t know what to think of her when they first meet her.

Leader or a follower?
More happy by themselves or in a group?
By herself
Does he/she have any addictions/dependencies/fixations/fetishes/ or other strange behavior?
Like I said before, she has an almost unhealthy obsession with clean, healthy, organic cooking and eating.

What is his/her sexual preference/experience/values?
She’s 9 - she doesn’t have any sexual experience or values yet. Unless you count the time she was groped by an octopus. She doesn’t want me to tell anyone about that. The tentacles… o_o
If she were older I’d imagine her as bi, but slightly more on the lesbian side.

Setting: Currently year 6001, ______ solar system (2 habitable planets), 1st - earth like planet containing 2 large continents and a ton of smaller islands. Cross between your average medieval fantasy Europe With modern day technology (the government own advanced futuristic technology not available to the public). Camella and Tanis reside in the town of ___________ along the seaside.

She has no official occupation. She does stand as the town’s best and only nature mage same said for the whole region. She’s also her neighborhood's best tailor.
Educational background/other learning experiences:
Camella has attended Pre-K through 3rd grade. Nothing special in addition.
Intelligence Level: 6/10

Short Term Goals: become a better tailor, advance in nature magic, find a nature mage for a teacher

Long Term Goals: possibly find or create an herbal plant-based remedy for her strange illness, find her father

Make sure to describe the family life and the relationships.

Same goes.. make sure to describe the relationship.

Birth order, major events in his/her life. This part can be very detailed or really vague.

This is more of an ‘if applicable’ section. It’s really only important if you plan to use your character in a tournament or competition. But then again, sometimes it’s just good to  know these things about your character for personal interest.

Physical Strength: 2/10

Coordination/Reflexes: 4/10

Fighting Style:
Sneaky tricks and traps, she never confronts an opponent directly, runs away and hides to the best of her ability and waits for someone to save her.
Unusual Abilities/Powers:
Nature magic: 9/10

Weapons/Other Gear:
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