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Happy 20th Anniversary Crash Bandicoot!

By Nl-Rad
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HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY CRASH BANDICOOT!!! :squee: :squee: :squee: :cake: :cake: :cake: :boogie: :boogie:
Today Crash turns 20! I'm so glad that he is finally back after a long hiatus and I hope that Crash franchise will have a great future :D

Crash Bandicoot & Dr. Neo Cortex (c) Naughty Dog / Activision
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Such Nostalgia, this is a Mega Dope poster :D

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20 years and still counting. ^^
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You truly celebrated all of Crash, even the ones nobody liked.

Reminded me the time Sonic 06 was acknowledged in Generations, even if that game had some... hatedom.

Better all, including the (not entirely) bad memories, than none.
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Agreed! Even if Radical games are hated by majority of fans, they deserve to be acknowledged as a part of Crash's history. And I'm sure that those games, even Sonic 06 have a small audience who grew up playing them.
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I'm surprised you actually referenced Crash of the Titans in this, given its reception among fans. Then again, it is part of Crash's history, so it should be acknowledged as such.
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Yep. I think it should be acknowledged. That's what I was also thinking when I created this work.
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Crash Bandicoot....You're awesome, and you'll always be one of my favorites, no matter what!

Great work on this, it looks amazing!:D
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First pic leftmost: Crash and Aku Aku at the beginning of N. Sanity Island from Crash 1
Second pic left center: Crash using his temporary ally Cortex as a makeshift ice sled in the Humiliskate level Slip Slide Escapades from Crash Twinsanity
Third pic right center: Crash controlling the Titan Spike (one of my fav titans) from Mind over Mutant
Last pic rightmost: Crash, Cortex and Aku Aku (the former two teaming up once again since Twinsanity) in Thumpin' Wumpa Islands from Skylanders Imaginators

Did I get them right?

And what a way to celebrate both Crash's 20+ years and the hype for the N. Sane Trilogy!
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About the third picture, Crash is actually controlling the Ratcicle Titan. Definitely my favorite mutant in the game. :D
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I thought that was the Spike, but its colors are like in MoM when Aku-Aku took control of it. Yeah, the looks fooled me there. Thanks for the correction.
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Go crash bandicoot 
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Best soundtrack ever
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I absolutely LOVE it!
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Happy 20th years Crash Bandicoot!
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Awesome to Know Crash is Coming back his Games getting Re-Mastereed Next Year and Newer Crash Games To Come

Hopefully Spyro might comeback with Re-Mastered Games as well for His 20TH Anniversary in 2018
after all
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Yeah, I hope that Spyro's ps1 games will also get remastered for his 20th anniversary :D
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beautifully drawn!..all games out the years
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My gosh this is just so beautiful, you just summed up the whole lineart and the colours, just so perfect <3

This need far more likes than it has, seriously

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