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Welkom bij NL-HARPG



In deze groep willen vooral gewoon veel plezier maken! Voeg je paarden in de groep toe en speel met andere Nederlandse HARPGers!

• Iedereen die Nederlands spreekt mag in de groep deelnemen!
• En uiteraard; wees aardig tegen elkaar!
• Alleen HARPG gerelateerde tekeningen zijn toegestaan!
• Alle soorten kunst mediums zijn welkom! Traditioneel (met potlood, verf etc), digitaal, overgetrokken tekeningen, zonder of met schaduw/lichtval... het maakt niet uit, zolang je maar plezier hebt!


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Wedstrijd journals
CT Youngsters Show 2020 - JUDGEDThe weather outside is slowly cooling down again as summer makes way for autumn. While the leafs are falling from the trees and the world goes from green to orange, the foals of the season are slowly reaching the time to be weaned. Why not give these little ones some distraction by having them show their worth at the CT Youngsters Show?Deadline:18th of October 2020Extended to 25th of October!Extended once more to 1st of November; any entry submitted AFTER the 25th of October will get a point deduction for being late to award people who managed within the original deadline/first extension!!Rules:- Nothing pre-made, re-used or free/pay to use is allowed; this goes for line arts and backgrounds.- Commissions are not allowed; art payments are acceptable.- Tracing is allowed, must be mentioned and properly credited.- All equine breeds and humanoid riders/handlers are welcome.- Misbehaving & faults are more than welcome, these are babies!- You can enter as many classes as you want, each horse should enter a class only once.- Horses have to be under the age of 3 to enter.It is allowed to make so called 'throwback' entries for horses that currently are already over the age of 3 in which you draw them in their younger years again. For these entries your handlers should also go back in time and naturally I would love to see handlers in the fashion of the time! Creative liberties like black/white or sepia, polaroids/photo's and things like wrinkled paper effects are definitely encouraged for these kind of entries! If you go back in time 10 years then make sure your entry looks like its been around for 10 years!Sponsors:Cookie1992 - CT Dutch EquinePheasant-Ridge - Pheasant RidgeJessa-bee - Copper CreekLibertas268 - Azure Strait Riding CentreEquineRibbon - Serenity Lake@SassyFluff - Starfire EquestrianRegistries and other groups sponsoring Entry:Add the following information into the description of your entry and add your entry to the correct post in the comments down below. You do not need to pre-register yourself for this show!Horse: (+ link to reference)Age:Rider/Handler: (+ age)Stable:Class:Story: (+ number of words)Donations: (make sure you post them in the journal too to count!)Location:The show is held at the CT Dutch Equine grounds all information about the location can be found here. More reference material of the grounds can be found here, if you happen to need more reference material or you want to see particular angles please send me a note! Inaccuracies in the background will cost you points if they are clearly explained/depicted on the refrence material!Dresscode:Handlers All handlers should look presentable, they are welcome to wear things like sneakers, jeans and polo's but everything should look neat; so refrain from extreme baggy clothing, ripped open jeans or toes sticking out of holes in the sneakers. Horses All horses should be well groomed and clean. Foals should be wearing leather halters, over the age of 2 a simple bridle with a soft bit is allowed. Braided mane are allowed but not enforced.Classes: HalterHorses are led around by their handler and are asked to show all their gates and their conformation to the judges. Foals under 6 months of age will be entering this class along side their mothers, those young foals are off lead. If there is enough animo this class may be split into age groups.Details & Setting:Held in one of the indoor arena's, judged by Damien Townson and Jake Campbell. The arena will be fairly bare so the youngsters will not get too distracted. On the wall will be sponsor banners. The big middle one of which will be the CT banner. Guidelines: - Foals under 6 months of age should be accompanied by their dam, orphan foals need to be accompanied by an older horse they feel safe around.- Leather halter is mandatory for foals over 6 months.- Handlers should be visible.- Handlers can be any age.-----------------------LibertyThis class gives the youngsters the chance to show their moves on their own, or more likely just give them a few moment to play around in an arena under the watchfull eye of an audience. Details & Setting:Held in one of the indoor arena's, judged by Damien Townson and Jake Campbell. The arena will be fairly bare so the youngsters ill not get too distracted. On the wall will be sponsor banners. The big middle one of which will be the CT banner.Guidelines: - Weaned foals only (6 months and older) - Leather halter is mandatory, even when the foal is turned loose.- Handlers can be shown, but should keep to the side of the arena while the foal is out.-----------------------Trotting pole halterAn early preparation for youngsters that are show jumping prospects. Youngsters are led through the arena and are asked to trot over several sets of trotting poles. They are judged on their technique and movement.Details & Setting: Held in the show jumping arena at the side with greenery. The poles won't be placed in between the hedges themselves, but the youngsters will be asked to go through it with their handlers. The arena will be fairly bare from decorations, the poles are likely white with brightly colored bands. The class will be judged by Sam Riley and Hazel Rogers.Guidelines: - Weaned foals only (6 months and older)- Leather halter is mandatory.- Handlers should be visible. - Handlers can be any age.-----------------------Free jumpingThe more developed youngsters with a prospect of becoming show jumpers can test their skills in the free jumping shute. Details & Settings:The shute is created at the far end of the show jumping arena; at the short end of the side without any greenery fixtures. There are 3 jumps in the shute which are no higher than 50cm (aka small hops). The class will be judged by Sam Riley and Hazel Rogers.Guidelines:- Horses should be at least 2 years upon entering.- Leather halter or bridle (with soft bit if any) is mandatory.-----------------------Scary courseWhat youngster will turn out to be the bravest on this obstacle course that will lead them past the biggest scary things most of them will have ever seen! Keep in mind that this is as much a training exercise as a competition; handlers that are forcefull with seriously spooked youngsters will receive a penalty or may get disqualified! Please note that this class runs throughout the entire day, whenever the arena is empty you are allowed to take a shot at getting the best time to clear the course. There will be at least 2 members of the CT staff to watch over the proceedings in this arena at all times.Details & Setting: The class is held in the main arena which has been filled with all sorts of scary things for young horses to traverse while being led by their handlers. Things tarps on the ground to a small forrest of plastic sticks with plastic bags, a small pen of weird farm animals (aka a friendly cow from a nearby farm and possibly their goat to) and a trailer to load onto. The entire arena is filled with different things, feel free to use your imagination, but try to keep things realistic and safe.Guidelines:- Weaned foals only (6 months and older)- Leather halter is mandatory.- Handlers should be visible.- Handlers can be any age.Planning & Weather:SaturdayIt is a windy and somewhat chilly autumn day. Lots of leafs flying about, but the trees have still plenty more orange projectiles left to shed. The sky is mostly grey and grim, but occasionally the sun will peak trough creating beautiful beams of light. The temperatures will be between 10-18 degrees Celcius throughout the day.8am - 10am: Halter10am - 12pm: Trotting pole halter2pm - 4pm: Liberty4pm-6pm: Free jumpingNote that the scary course will run all throughout the day; whenever the arena is free of other youngsters you can start the timer and take your horse into the course.Judging: The judging matrix for this show can be found here. Since this show really is all about having fun with your young horses, the judging wont be as strict as it is in the bigger shows. Your art will not be compared to your own gallery so the piece you make will be the thing you're judged upon; if its not up to your normal level then that is fine as long as it's a nice piece. Judging will be mostly effort, but there is a small RNG factor to account for youngsters causing havoc; 60 points effort, 10 points extra's (story/donation) and 5 points RNG make for a total of 75 points to be earned!Prizes: The prize pool for the show can be found here!
Aangeboden: paarden, designs, gratis dingen etc
Trakehner Lineage foals [1/4 OPEN] by Cookie1992
CRaZy Chimera sale! 1/3 OPEN by ValentinoTheMustang
[LINEART PACK] Horse + tack by LundyEmerald
Expo Auction - Fiery Emblem by Cookie1992
STAR ONE Rang - NL-HARPG by Mitnait


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