'Cause Dreams Were Made

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...to dim the light the torment day can bring

The past few days my insomnia has come back, so a couple nights
ago, I decided to check my favorites for some of them that I haven't
featured yet. It took me all night and the result is more than a few.
So I shuffled them and starting from today I'll bring them into the light.
And now the song of the day
We freely speak of dreams
We marvel at what they conceal
But in my wonderworld
Each sleeping vision is so real
So I believe and hope
That all the things I see
May one day bring
Such truth and peace
As we can feel

Free from this waking world
Deep in sleep's mystery
My will is free to wander
Free to wander carelessly
At times it's not so far
From what we call reality
And at times I know I wonder
If it all could come true

Oh, Mr. Wonderworld
Don't be afraid
'Cause dreams were made
Were made to dim the light
The torment day can bring
And leave you free
To laugh aloud and hear
Your heart bells ring
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld

Oh, Mr. Wonderworld
Don't be afraid
'Cause your dreams were made
They were made to dim the light
The torment day can bring
And leave you free
To laugh aloud and hear
Your heart bells ring
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld
Mr. Wonderworld
Mr. Wonderworld

Uriah Heep

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I guarantee you that =D
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Thanks so much for the feature! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. <3