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Requested by @DANIOTHEMAN Info Lord Kroenen's plan; codenamed Project Armageddon, was a plot to subject the entire Multiversus to widespread fear and brutal oppression under the Dark Lord's heel. The plan involved obtaining the Elements of Harmony, then using them to open a portal to the Multiversus and conquer it. Once finished, the Greater Multiversal Union; an autocratic fascist totalitarian military dictatorship that is ruled under the iron fist of its Dark Lord, will be established to crush any idea of hope and freedom. To start his reign of terror off, Kroenen has found out there's a place called Magnolia Town; a merchant city that has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era. He then ordered General Wilhelm Zhukov; his right hand man and personal enforcer, to invade Magnolia with his Fourth Reich; an authoritarian-subversive paramilitary terrorist organization, and set up a base of operations there while having to deal with anyone that dares to oppose them. However
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Okay, Dan The Man: War for the Modiverse will be animated, but what type of animation should be used?

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hello Nkrs235 did you see my request and if so could you do it since i figured i would ask my friend

hello Nkrs235 are you there and if so i will like to ask you a request for a png groupshot if you could hear me out since i figured i would ask my friend:

The Legion of Evil (Malice (My Villain Self Looks Like The Master of Masters from Kingdom Hearts but Has King Sombra (MLP FIM)'s Eye Color But With The Smoke and is inspired by darth sidious (star wars) (main inspiration) and king sombra (mlp fim) (dark magic and eye color but with the smoke) and taurus bulba (ducktales 2017) (genius and super strength) and the shredder (tmnt 2012) (fighting style and personality) and megatron (transformers prime) (mastery of weapons and leadership skills) (The Leader) and Catwoman (Harley Quinn) (His Queen) and Negaduck (Darkwing Duck 2023) (The Second in Command) and Striker (Helluva Boss) (The Gunslinger) and Dr. Eggman (Jim Carrey) (The Mad Genius) and The Green Goblin (The Spectacular Spider-Man) (The Maniac) and Dogpound and Fishface (TMNT 2012) (The Thief and The Muscle) and The Dazzlings (Equestria Girls) (The Sirens)

Inspired By The Masters of Evil (Marvel's Avengers Assemble) and Cinder's Faction (RWBY) and The Horde (Netflix's She-Ra and The Princess of Power) and The Sinister Cartel (Spider-Verse) and The Retro Villains (Power Rangers Beast Morphers)

Catwoman [Harley Quinn, 2020 (TV Series)]
Darkwing Duck NegaDuck in DuckTales form
Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Dr. Eggman PNG
Melspyrose's The Green Goblin
TMNT Dogpound and Fishface
The Dazzlings - Pony Form

Sorry I Can't Do Complicated Arts

Awww, okay then.

How about this one instead:

An artwork in your style featurng only a Wehrpflichtiger (with his arms crossed over his chest) and a Militärpolizei officer (with his hands clasped behind his back).

Title would be "Conscript and Law Enforcer".

(Reference pics below)



Militärpolizei officer:


Hello Nkrs235 are you there and if so I was wonderin if you could hear me out about a digital drawin request for a oc and his crossover crew groupshot in helluva boss/hazbin hotel style if you could hear me out since I figured I would ask my friend:

My OC Malbozo The Clown is a demon clown (Leader) and Catwoman from Batman Returns as a Succubus (Second in Command) and Negaduck from Darkwing Duck is still the same (Psycho) and Rahzar from TMNT 2012 is still the same (Warrior) and Bowser from Mario as a Hellhound (Muscle and Magic User) and The Green Goblin from Sami Raimi's Spider-Man as A Tall Imp with Green Skin (Scientist and Eyes in The Sky and Demolitions)

Inspired By Superfly's Gang (TMNT Mutant Mayhem) and The Council of Villains (Kingdom Hearts) and The Predacons (Transformers Beast Wars) and The Sinister Cartel (Spider-Verse) and Cinder Fall's Faction (RWBY)

what do you think of this