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Destiny - Venus

I imagine a warlock visiting venus for the first time, guns blazing, only to be taken aback by the view. (i know i was!! Venus in destiny is prob my favourite video game environment ever. those landscapes.. hnng)

I drew this for the boyf (it's his guardian lol) used references for the background. everything belongs to bungie etc etc

Drawn in Photoshop CS5, about 10 hours. 

I allowed people to download this to use as a wallpaper but I'm taking that off, as multiple sites have stolen it. Please do not download and put on your website. If you want to use the small version as a phone wallpaper or desktop wallpaper I don't mind. Just no reposting.
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Truly a treasure of Destiny fanart. The lighting is amazing and there is so much emotion in this picture. 
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awhh thank you!! 
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Oh my god! The colors, the shading, it's magical!
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thank you :)
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thanks :-B
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added to fan art in Sci-fi Archives…
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Amazing I love!!!
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Well done! Warlock for life!
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That's excellently framed, I think I even know where that is on the coast. Nice touch with the void glow around their hand, and including Dinklebot.

As an aside, the focus of detail on the mountain (and that area of the image in general) and the more smudged lack of detail around the edges gives this piece a subtle depth of field effect.
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Thank you for commenting :) I wasn't sure about the void glow as the drawing is already quite busy, but I'm glad to see you like it.
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That's a pretty awesome Voidwalker! You're pretty magical with a brush too. 
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This is great stuff. Really captures that feel of landing on a new planet for the first time.
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Thanks. That's what I was going for. :)
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It brings back memories.
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You definitely deserve more praise. This is really good!
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