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Dawn chiquita

Dawn used minimize! Now she's down to one business... TO CATCH THE GOD OF POKEMON!

I'll be honest... I wasn't that excited when I saw the remakes of Diamond and Pearl at first (Pokemon Legends stole my hype lmao)
I wasn't expecting that gradient art direction haha (that's why I used here too)


Dawn chiquita... is so powerful and funny lookin' that I couldn't help but laugh! And I have really fond memories of the original D/P so I do want to revisit that world once again on Switch!

Hope ya'll havin' a shinin' and brilliant day! w00t! 

Dawn © Gamefreak / Nintendo
Art by NGZ 
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*But it Failed*

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She proceeds to catch god, then uses god's power to prove once and for all that girls are better than boys x3
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and proclaim herself as the goddess of Sinnoh!

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that's adorable :D

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Haha thanks mai frendo!

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Dang this is a classic, takes me back hahaha!

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Lucas: Lets see, we got time and space, every human emotion, every natural element, and nature itself, life and death... What do we go for next?

Dawn: Only one place left to go... WE GO... FOR GOD!

Lucas: Huh? Oh wait no, we got that one too.

Dawn: Oh...

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...aaannnd then Generation 5’s “clean slate” attempt happened.

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Still doesn't stop BW from being phenomenal. The characters, emotion, etc. NOTHING can match up to that imo.

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Play BW on an emulator or something through to the end, you can even do BW2 afterwards. You'll see for yourself, its better to experience it than to be told about it. Oh, and make sure to listen to as much of the soundtrack as you can. Its pretty damn good.

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I already played Black Version 1 & 2 about a decade ago. So, it was really just the Black & White anime that needed to get its crap together?

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