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Underwater City

Photoshop + Wacom + 2,5h + textures

Last week is Underground City, this time let's take it to the underwater. xD
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Ahhhhhhhhh so pretttyyyyyy...
I'm Andrew Ryan, and I want to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? The man in Washington says "No, it belongs to the poor." The man in the Vatican says "No, it belongs to god." The man in Moscow says "No, it belongs to everyone." I rejected those answers, and instead I chose the impossible, I chose my city, I chose Rapture. A city without gods or kings. A city where the artists wouldn't fear the  censor, where the scientist wouldn't be bound by petty morality, where the great wouldn't be constrained by the insignificant. With the sweat of your brow Rapture can become you're city aswell.
-Andrew Ryan 1960
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Is this the same city as in… ? looks awsome. :D
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*le me driving sub* This place looks great :)
*le underwater sign* Welcome to rapture
*le me* :) fuckberries
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This is amazing!
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Atlantis! <3 This totally looks like Atlantis from Stargate <33
I woul like to use your work for book cover that I make....I will see with an author for credit in a book or some fee, if You want.

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Beautiful! Welcome to Rapture. :P
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hope it to be more detailed
I have to write a story for my Language Arts class and we must based it off of a picture. Of course I chose yours, it is amazing. Your painting gave me the idea of the underwater city. It is about what happens after you die and it gave me the idea of people's ashes thrown into the sea and creating a city down there. This is what I have so far "My ashes start waltzing and cascading down to the bottom. The jellyfish tentacles sway, dancing just for me, but there are about 50 other ashes waiting to claim their burrough." I was so inspired because I love Sci-Fi especially utopia and dystopia stuff. Thanks a lot I will be sure to credit your beautiful work and I am considering buying a canvas once I save enough money:) Thanks again, love your work!
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Used in a video here: [link]
If you have anything against it tell me and it'll be removed. Thanks :)
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Oh and of course you're credited in the description.
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Your stuff is incredible! Keep going, I found you from DA's FB feed!
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also love your icon pic :)
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Hello! Can I use this image as a background for an Android game, please? I will give credit on the credits section of the game, and will post a link to Google Play when the game is published (still under development). The game contents are appropriate for all audiences.
P.S. GREAT work! It look great on the game too (the game action happens underwater)
Will give credits and link when published ...
Thanks a lot!
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Yes, it's ok. :)
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