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The flying monastery

A persopersonal matte painting I made for myself, to remind me always has to be calm. :D
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Terrific fantasy art
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All you make, it's exactly the style i love ! Amazing ! Great job !!
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Almost a year since I first saw this and still my favorite piece on DA. Just ordered a print of it for myself for Christmas. Thank you for being awesome!
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that poor animals is like "Oh god ohgod! Nope nope nopenopenopenope! You cant make me!"
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It reminds me of the last airbender. What an amazing piece. 

How long did it take you to reach this level of professionalism?
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so much wrapped up in this painting. I'm a writer and I love looking at this work and just imagining the world you've given us such a small sample of.
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:ohmygod: woa! awesome!
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This is beautiful! I love the mist, the cliffs, the ship and the details on the foliage and house. Amazing piece!
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This is my single favorite image on DA currently.
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beautiful. It's a very peaceful piece. I like it, especially on a day like today. It really mellows me down.
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very nice detaisl :D
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nice , like in avatar
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wooooow, this is beautiful
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Wow. Stunning Heart 
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This is kind of amazing!
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