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Monster Hunter

This is not much relate to the game Monster Hunter. :)
The idea is about a bounty monster hunter that went to the swamp to capture a turtle, with a sleeping flintlock. :D
The theme is steampunk + fantasy.
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Hi, i add an fav your art, but i hope u can enjoy my video's.

Pls add like and subs for more video's.


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Why we killing Morla?

That dude is dead, if that snapping turtle is like actual snapping turtles or that guy better have some overpowered reflexes.

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Would love to have this in SLC for monster Hunter world!
Really nice picture
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Badass turtle 😄 Supercool painting. Well done!
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Let hope he as right amount drugging reptiles challanging do difference in biology to that mammals.
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What a compelling piece! Great work.
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Can’t wait to kill it and wear it’s skin
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unless that pistol shoots death star lasers, i don't like that guys odds :D
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He's gonna need a bigger gun.
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This looks incredibly well made.
That had better be some pretty strong lime Kool-aide!Phoenix Wright Sweating Icon 
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I love this picture, it's so lovely. Though I do need to ask, is there a full pic for the guy? o.o
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Capture?!  :)
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Wow! This is way cool! Praises for you!!
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Looks like he is about to be a dead man, but really cool drawing.
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This would be a cool boss to fight in the Monster Hunter game, though.
Great work all around!
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Beautiful work and steampunk theme is always great!
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