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March 9, 2013
Meet the agent by ~nkabuto
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Meet the agent

This one is a mood painting for my personal project "Red Riding Hood in cyberpunk". :)
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wonderful! so evocative and mysterious! love it! 
Lovely work! have you seen the movie "Freeway" (1996)? It's a very entertaining modern version of "Little Red Riding Hood." I think you'd really enjoy it.
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Saw this background on a song on youtube, very good artwork!
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This is truly moody. Great work.
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You should work in Hollywood on their big budgeted sci fi projects, for example Altered Carbon!
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So much detail in such a small space. Even though there's so much going on in the background, all the buildings are still definable to the eye, which is amazing. The mood the lighting creates coming from the background into the sparse foreground is really interesting. So much color in the back, but just bland grey up front, littered with debris and filth. Really, really fantastic job. The "Red Riding Hood in cyberpunk" reminds me of RWBY, which everyone should go check out. Really cool, keep up the good work and have a nice day!
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I like the audi r8 it works well here it was alway a very futuristic looking car but it also works a vintage car
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Holy s...   That is some awesome artwork.
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Do game or movie designs, you will be paid heartily.
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liking this one
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Did you use photos for this? I just don't understand how you got those kinds of strokes...
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Sooooooo cooollllllll. Always a treat to see detailed and visually striking cyberpunk-inspired pieces *_* I can imagine those two as the protagonist of a thrilling chase scene through the streets, buildings and air in that big city back there.
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NEW YORK 2070 :) (Smile) very nice work.......................
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Glorious energy on a familiar concept. I never get tired of this stuff!
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