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mini hand tutorial

Hope it's helpful! These are just the observations that helped me the most, and the ones that seem to get overlooked.

This stuff should work in any style. :3

More information can be found in the drawings (and in the drawings linked to below) than in the writing alone. For example, look at how the fingernail affects the angle of the tip of the finger when viewed from the side. (See, it'd just be confusing to write about that kind of thing. orz;; )

That's how high MY thumb reaches when lying flat. Since I made this, it's come to my attention that my thumb is abnormally short! If I had been aware of this, I would have averaged the length for this tutorial. This is why it's important to combine tutorial learning with personal observation! Everyone observes things in slightly different ways no matter what, partly because natural organisms vary widely in shape and proportion.

Recommended tutorials:
If you're looking for a longer hand tutorial, `alexds1 has a great one with a lot of helpful illustrations and examples:…
And for a more advanced hand/arm reference, this tutorial by ~Snigom is fantastic:…

Some more hand drawings for reference and inspiration!:
by me:………
by other deviants:………… ,………
Sarah Simblet:… (From her awesome book Anatomy for the Artist)
Egon Schiele:…………
Araizumi Rui (Whose art I first learned to draw hands from):………
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Oh gawd, I have some studying I need to do!

Thank you for making this. :D
I need all the references/tutorials and practice I can get when it comes to hands.
Very excited to practice.
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Thank you. I think this would help me at least a bit. It's easy to understand. Thx again.
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for me the problem was always the thumb. I can render the hand pretty well but the placement of the thumb on the palm was always a a problem. The solution was seeing that the thumb connects to the hand (in the middle of the big ball beneath the pointing finger) As always draw using what actually is there rather than what you expect to be.
Also the length of the thumb is just a little longer than the palm. The Palm is the same length as the middle finger. 
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thanks looks great!
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Thanks for your lovely tutorial! Used it here:…

Of course linked to your tutorial :)
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this is an amazing resource! thanks xD
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This should come in handy later

Crap. Used a pun without meaning it 
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you totally meant it you son of a bitch.....jk
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This is great, I'll try to remember it when I tackle hands in more detail (been avoiding them on purpose).
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this is awesome! :D
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Nice tutorial! :D
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Nice tutorial :D
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I know it's been said but I'm gonna say it again anyways. Quite the handy tutorial you've made. :D

Silliness aside, you did a wonderful job with this.
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Thank you for this! I'm terrible at hands (and feet), I hope it helps me!
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Love this! Drawing hands is one of my favorite things.
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