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Hiyah everyone !

Been a long time I know ... XD I'm not here on DA that much recently. I'm posting stuff but I'm just posting for posting stuff ... XD I kind of lost my interest in here loll I try to have some visibility in that huge community and it's really hard :P I have the feeling to draw for not the good reasons :/ so kido of me haha I gave to change that :P Anyway !

I'm in a University rightnow but it's the summer break. The NAD in Montreal ! Really awesome by the way ! Great teachers, great students ! Lot of fun in there :D I think I've found my place, but too bad I can't leave there huhuhu :P

I don't know if I'll stay on DA. I'm more active on facebook :) I create my page some times ago here the link…

And if you want to add me too, it would be awesome ! Nicolas-John Poulin haha I think I'm the only one on earth with that name :P

Hope to see you there ! :D
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Submitted on
June 17, 2014