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hey all !

was wondering if someone was on drawcrowd ? :D

here's mine !

Hope to see you there ^^
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Hiyah everyone !

Been a long time I know ... XD I'm not here on DA that much recently. I'm posting stuff but I'm just posting for posting stuff ... XD I kind of lost my interest in here loll I try to have some visibility in that huge community and it's really hard :P I have the feeling to draw for not the good reasons :/ so kido of me haha I gave to change that :P Anyway !

I'm in a University rightnow but it's the summer break. The NAD in Montreal ! Really awesome by the way ! Great teachers, great students ! Lot of fun in there :D I think I've found my place, but too bad I can't leave there huhuhu :P

I don't know if I'll stay on DA. I'm more active on facebook :) I create my page some times ago here the link…

And if you want to add me too, it would be awesome ! Nicolas-John Poulin haha I think I'm the only one on earth with that name :P

Hope to see you there ! :D
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University in video games here I.come ! :D
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Hiyah !

Just want to say that I'm finaly trying to find a job in concept art and illustration ! hahaha :lmao: Quebec City or Montreal !? Here I come :woohoo: Gonna be awesome :D
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Pouph Everyone !

Sorry again for my eternal lack of uploads loll... School's keeping me busy =( I said to one of my teacher that I wasnt busy enough and he gave me 42 drawings to do ! hahaha :lmao: I'm doomed :P 2 urban city views, 5 poses, 25 facial expressions and 10 hands ! XDD + my homeworks... a Game Design Document of 15-20 sheets, a list of 20 questions and answers of all the jobs in the video game industry, another one that I dont remember and full concept arts ! yayy ! So ! Totally DOOMED ! hahaha :P

OMG ! Almost 40k views !! Arghh Thx all ^^

Maybe I'll upload something soon :) Cross fingers :P
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Hiyahh Everyone !

Question question ! :dummy:

I would like to know something loll :P I want to sell prints ... and I dont know really how to proceed ... :lmao:

Any suggestions ?

Kinda weird hahaha I know we can sell here on DA but I would like to make money without ruining everyone :P

Pouph ! :la:

thank you ^^
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Hiyahh ! :D

Just bought my new wacom Intuos4 hahaha ! :lmao: and and andd :ohnoes:... OMG OMG OMG !! XDD It's just amazing on my desk loll Just getting well with my new pc and all my set up :woohoo: So happy right now ! :D Boom Shakalaka ! :P

It's christmas again ! :la:
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Hiyahh everyone !

I bought recently a new powerful pc and a new monitor... the quality of the colors with that monitor is absolutely amazing ! The brightness, the contrast ! Now I have 2 monitors plugged together and there's a huge difference ! I wanted to know ...

Are my pictures too dark for your monitor ??

Plz plz I need to know ! Was I wrong for all my pictures ? huhuhu :ohnoes:

Arghhh !!! XDD
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Hiyahh !

I just got my first Daily Deviation and it's just so amazing !!

Midnight Outpost - Sunrise by NJPoulin

This morning... it was 8:30. Zombie Mode: ON
I open my pc... checked DA... What is that ? 300 more msg on my box ? what's that mean ? XDD

It was the same deviation who's getting the favs... so I went to that page and saw the DD block thing loll !!
OMG OMG OMG !! A DD !! hahaha

Thx for the support Everyone ^^ I really appreciate it :aww:
Avé Everyones !

I just made my fan page on facebook ! hoorayy :dummy: It's on construction but this will not stop me to dominate the World !! mouahahahaha ! :fuzzydemon:

You're All welcome ! haha :P
Hiyahh !! :P

I had my "first" day of school yesterday... loll XD And it was nice :) I'm following via virtual classes so it's really different ! :lmao: That's going to help me to be more autonomous :) Responsible too ^^ Oh and I'm looking forwards all the "deadlines" loll I have the feeling that I'm better in that condition :lmao: So first class monday ! Visual Language ! :woohoo: Talking about concept arts in video games ! It's gonna be AWESOME ! yeah yeah :P

Domination of the World so soon ! XDD
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hey Guys !

There's something I would like to talk about...
What is the kind of moral support do you have at home ? loll -.-

I'm here at my pc... drawing... bothering no one... and pouphh ! Dad's coming, check my draw... saying « Not bad... » without emotion, no exclamation ! -.- «You don't draw character. Why ? That's going to help you find a job if you draw character too...»
Hey I'm drawing environments ! I become a Beast each time I draw something and he cannot be of anykind happy for me ? ... That's pissing me off. I'm tired of that. So damn tired... I live in a big family and I dont have support. Uncool. Oh yeah ! I have a big brother who was a graphist... he's tired of the stress and all that crap. Now he's studying to become a trucker !! OMG XDD So disapointing -.- He's the one who inspired me to draw and bam ! He throws everything away ! hahahaha The World is kidding me :P or it's just a kind of prank in a little dream ? ... no. I can only count on myself, at "home".

Last thing ! Does your Mom say sometimes : « I know you can do it, but you dont want... » ?

It's not because I don't want... I'm not supported...

Yeah I know... I'm late ! XD

But I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas... a special one :) A special Merry Christmas with no tears, no cry, no violence... any kind of violence... even if its hard. It's the time to be Happy and forgive everything... It's not the time to start a battle to know who's right and who's wrong... All we need to do is to be Happy with our family, enjoying each minute with them ^^ each damn minute ! ...

Merry Christmas Guys ! and Happy New Year :aww: ^^
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With a new graphic card of the future ! :woohoo: Now it's time to get ready for school and digit like I never did before woohoo !! :P:P
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Hiyahh Guys

I was drawing this morning and my pc just buged -.- I am doomed ! DD: I'm writting this journal with the laptop of my brother. I might not be there for a while... I'll ask for my friend to check it and if he can change the broken piece for me... My first reparation in 2 years !!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH !!! -.-

Hope to see you all soon soon :(
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Hiyah !!

Thx alot Everyone for the birthday wishes :woohoo: I really really really appreciate it ^^ I'm now a 22 years old old fart loll XDD just kidding :P

Thx again ^^
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Hey All !

Thx for the 30k page views !! :woohoo:
I really, really appreciate it ^^ :D

Let's go dominate the World, will ya !! mouahahahaha ! :fuzzydemon:
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That sad weather is killing me ... Raining all the time, big gray clouds -.- The sun has blown up and I didnt notice ? XDD loll

Arff sorry for the lack of upload too ... I'm planning to return in the skin of a student soon loll hahaha ! I have to prepare my portfolio in concequences :woohoo: :D:D:D Script, critics and a lot more ! :D

and btw ! How are you all ? :P Seems a long time I didnt ask XD
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When you are driving your car, are you doing your stop ? Cause today, my mom and little sister was hited by a car... 1 car for 2 walking persons ... It was raining today and the wipers of the car was not working... the guy was maybe driving at 50 km/h... in a scholar zone (supposed to be 30 km/h there)... I dont know for you, but me I dont have a car... but I know that if there's something wrong with my car, then I'll be more careful + if it's raining ! My sister was with my mom hand to hand... and after the accident, 20 meters seperated them ! 20 meters !! My sister was not moving and she was unable to talk ! It's scary ! Because no one, everywhere in the world, are relaxe, calm or whatever... Time is fucking money !! Limit 30 km/h ? Oh noes I have to go 50 !! It's obligated !

I have already been hited by a car... It was my turn to cross the street... The guy who hit me was talking with his fucking cellular while driving loll ... lolll ! He burned a red light just to get me ? No ... because it was an accident ? He didnt saw it ? NO !! Sometimes I have the feeling that I'm the only one who cares about everything around me. Even if I have music in my ears ! And if I'm about to poke someone while walking, I apologie and look if somethings wrong. No one do that now... No one ! Courtesy... everything... no one...

15 $ for a wiper is not that much loll

My sister and mom are ok... They cannot stand up without being dizzy. My little sister has a pelvic fracture. She's young so its fine for her ! the 2 legs of my mom are swollen, but not broken. They were very lucky ! They are fine and its the more important !

Watch out pls ! It's all I want ...
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Is it really my birthday in a couple of days or what ? XD ( DA schedule... )
Cause my bd is november 2nd hahahahahaha ! XDD

But thx for all the llamas :P I really appreciate them loll XD
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