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Starock Weekly Challenge

Starock will be divided into 2 category, 2D Rock-off and Starlite Photo, Please visit zemotion for the Photography challenge.

Bi-Weekly 2D Rock-off Challenge Rules

Here're the rules~! *Will be constantly updated*

Every 2 Week a new contest will begin, with a different simple topic and theme.  Most likely for the beginning, it'll be mainly Character and Creature concepts. (Thanks to for the inspirations for this weekly activity)

Each Contest will run for approximately 10 days.  In which all the entries will be posted onto the Journal for people to see and comment.
(I'm also debating on putting the 2 topics up at the beginning of each month, and having the deadline at the 3rd week of the month, just worry that bi-weekly would be a nightmare to update,etc)

First round will begin: June 1st approx :D<

Submission Rules:
-ONE entry per person
-sent ONE note with the thumb# in the follow format: Rock-off #: Thumb#
-Please PLEEASSSEEEEeeee note me once only ;)
- You retain your copyrights. We just want it to be fair for everyone to create new works within the same time-frame.
- Descriptions for entries are optional, feel free if it helps support your work better. ^^

To make things easier, we'll be doing a Judge panel of 5 Artist, as much as I'd love to have a voting system, until we make a dedicated website, there doesn't seem to be a real fair way to do it on DA.

:iconnjoo: :iconarnistotle: :iconlychi: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconzemotion: (possibly more)

Each judge will pick the top 3, 3rd place will get 1 point, 2nd place will get 2 point, 1rd place will get 3 points (Incase of a tie, the 2 entries will go through another round of internal judging)

During the next 4 days, before the next round starts, the result will be announced and  Prizes will be given~ and Hall of Fame will be updated accordingly.

(Please forgive me and expect me making a mess with the timing when it first start, I'll try my best to make it on time, but I'm guessing it'll be hard)

PRIZE: JooRock (You Rock!) System:
(please don't take this JooRock name too seriously guys....)

Each contest's winner will receive a golden JooRock + $50 (Paypal only or equivalent) It's a bragging right, which will be listed in the Hall of Fame and updated as time goes.

2nd Place Winner will receive 3 JooRock (+ donation prize if availiable)
3rd Place Winner will receive 2 JooRock (+ donation prize if availiable)
Up to 5 runnersup will receive 1 JooRock

To all other non-winning participants...
1 grain of sand as consolation prize.... :D


*I need to think about the sand thing a bit more, depending on the scale of the contest, because if 100 ppl participate every single around, a day will come when there'll be 100 people that will exchange the rock for subscription suddenly*

JooRock Type

Normal JooRocks:

Winner Golden JooRock: (Useless but shiny and boasting rights)

5..10...15...(you should probably stop winning so much) :D

JooRock Gift Exchange

More will be added as contest progresses,etc.

9() - 3 Month DA Subscription
18() - 1 year Month DA Subscription

Thanks for the follow Deviant SPONSORS!
daleicious $50/month Paypal (Will go towards adopting one of the weeklies)
*Other sponsors that've noted me if it's ok to note me again...TOT reallllly sorrrry, I recently emptied my inbox accidentally*

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what a unique concept of a challenge!..grain of sands lol