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As you can see I was bored last night and decided to play with the CSS on DA cuz since I'm half addicted to DA might as well dress it up a little bit.  Thanks to :iconfayrenpickpocket: for helping me out for the CSS :D

So anyways, as you notice that there're 3 tabs at the top, which means I'd need to type up 3 Journal to fill the links.  So please do not continue to read this and the next 2 coming journal unless you're REALLY bored.

Name: Andrew Hou (yes n-Joo came from all my heavily accented friends in which "Andrew" seems to be impossible to pronounce

Bday: 27, my IQ is always age divided by 1.5, until I was approximately 10 I was almost like a retard.  

Current Location: Seoul, Korea (Chinese~ Born in Canada, raised 50% in Hong Kong)

You see, I feel like explaining this because when I tell people I'm Canadian, they think I'm Caucasian, I say I'm Chinese, but I was born in Canada, I'm technically Canadian.  Since I'm currently in Korea, people always mistake me as Korean.  (Knowing that some people would most likely somehow interpret what I just typed as racist, I don't care about race, just want to clarify, so I can send a link here whenever someone do ask me again)

Education: Computer Science drop-out, Classical Animation major, 3D animation drop out.

Special power: chaotic laser shooting toes (and heels) that magically blast holes in my socks all the time when I'm not noticing

Random facts:

-I'm 2 people trapped in one body (both male) I'm a workaholic and a party-fiend
-I think some ppl on DA are crazy
-I'm physically incapable of extreme sadness
-Too much formality and seriousness and rules will explode my brain.
-I'd like to do everything ,that's legal in at least one country, at least once before I die.
-I enjoy harassing those that hates be be harassed
-I enjoy casino, it trains me to know that life sucks sometimes but as long as you have fun.
-I don't like sleeping, I zombie-fy every part of my body except my brain, eyes and hand when I draw/work so I can reduce the time I need to rest.
-I think my nephews draw like Picasso too
-I don't like drinking much, cuz I usually end up forgetting that I had fun

Things I'd like to know

(abusing the access of knowledge via sheer large quantity of people on DA)

What am I suppose to with / Wth is, shoutbox? and what's the difference with the frontpage comments thing? (answered! Thx! - nJoo IQ + 0.1)

How do you write zero in Roman numerals? (answered! Thx! - nJoo IQ + 0.1)

Are "pop" music, a genre, or just means whatever's "pop"ular at the current time?
(I had a debate with a friend of mine that "Pop music sucks" just doesn't make sense)

Is there really no friendslist button other then to click "x messages" then "deviantWATCH" then "manage friends"??? (answered! Thx! - nJoo IQ + 0.1)

If I dropped a chicken wing onto the floor, assuming there're no bugs crawling around, is it just as clean/dirty if I pick it up 5 minutes later and then eat it?

Favorite Thundercat: Garfield

I draw for money so I can draw not for money~
*Currently I'm sitting in the meeting room in my company with my laptop and people assuming that I'm taking notes*

© 2008 - 2021 nJoo
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for the food dropping : there was a study a while ago, about whether bacteria would develop on food when you drop it on the floor and the result is that you can still eat it
during the 30 seconds after the drop if it's moist food, and 1 minute after if it's dry ^^

here's the source: [link]

hope that helps :)
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you are like XXXXXX much cooler for this awesome faq that you probably typed a long time ago and I was too incredibly lazy to filter through my journals to find et.
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hehe actaully, isn't there a tab at the top that say Profile? ;D or not everyone can see the CSS format? but thanks! :D
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... I.. I think I meant profile. Hahaha.
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Regarding the dropped chicken: if it falls on the floor, don't eat it. The "5-second rule" doesn't work; if it's on the floor, it's going to be dirty and have bacteria, whether it's there for 5 seconds or 5 minutes.
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So, with all those questions answered.. whats does that make your IQ.. and what is 0 in roman numerals?
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If you drop a chicken wing on a sterile floor, and the chicken wing is sterile then nothing changes.

But It will get dirty by dropping it on the floor, if you hold it it will get dirty, or if you bite it or even if you let it touch the air...

Image being one of those persons who are scared of germs ;____; so sad :"D hahahah

I think knowing this makes your IQ go up by 0.2
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Hope this answers the chicken wing question.
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the chicken wing probably will just fly away anyway so don't worry... like your new design
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Pop is a genre, like rock jazz..
It's not heavy like rock, but not bass like dance, or loadsa sax and piano etc. like jazz. It's by boy bands and girl bands and stuff..

well, maybe just read this ^-^(wikipedia)- [link]

And, if you dropped a chicken wing on the floor, even with no bugs, there's still many micro-organisms (thank you biology class :P) like bacteria and stuff, but they're usually harmless methinks.. if where you drop it is really mingin' (disgusting ^^;) then there could be dangerous bacterium going about.. I saw this programme and this disgutsing house had like salmonella viruses and stuff going around..
A couple of minutes- safe
Minutes? Maybe safe..
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but Also according to Wiki -> "Pop music is music charted by the number or sales, plays, etc., that the work receives.[1] It is not a particular genre or style of music, simply that which is the most popular for the tracked period of time. "
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But at the begining, doesn't it say it's a separate genre?
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Oh, ni hao.

To me, ';pop' is a genre, like Rock or Heavy Metal or Jazz or whatnot. Bands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, etc are all under pop. The very 'main-stream' kind.

And do you know of the '5 sec rule'? When you drop your food and pick it up within 5 sec you can still eat it. If you missed the timing then you better don't. >_<
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your CSS is really great. it's easy to read whatever you write (some journals are just too fluorescent to bear. even black BG with white letters seem too shocking to my eyes sometimes (somehow) O__o) your journals are funny and enjoyable. keep writting 8)
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booooooooooooooooooo where is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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Pop music is just what is popular, That's what pop is derived from, at least that's what it was originally meant as, unfortunately now, it's just a term for all the high-pitched boy bands that girls scream over.
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Haha I liked how you explained the Njoo part. Very cute. ^^

I wish I could sleep less like you but I like sleeping too much. *sigh* I waste time. ._.
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"If I dropped a chicken wing onto the floor, assuming there're no bugs crawling around, is it just as clean/dirty if I pick it up 5 minutes later and then eat it?"

I remember mythbuster or something on discovery channel did something on that, but I'm sorry, I dont remember the outcome!

I have a question!!! What languages do you speak/write then?
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mandarin, cantonese, english, korean (60%)
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wow, impressive! you just need to learn japanese and you pretty much have the 'set' of Asian languages!
alas, Im only fluent in english and cantonese lol. at least i understand spoken mandarin; and written chinese!
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oh lol i didn't even know u were asian~!
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:o born in hong kong! though I probably lived there less than you haha. Im in the US now.
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