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I thought I'd share my freelance payment sheet for any freelancer that might need it.  

If you find it useful feel free to link to this journal or forward this journal around to other freelancers.  If it's crap, then it's ok hehe oh well... :D

I'll continue to update features to it whenever I come across some feature I need or if anyone have any suggestions,etc

It was created with office 2007 but I saved it to office 2003 so lemme know if some function's not working (I have no clue on mac version so can't help there T_T) and the chart section doesn't work for googledoc's excel.



The excel file is composed of 3 pages (the tabs at the bottom)
1)Unpaid - This list the current work that hasn't been paid
2)Paid - This list the work that has been paid
3)Report - Gives a report of monthly freelance and chart report

I'll explain each page's element in a bit more detail


Total Unpaid - This gives the total $ of unpaid items

Currency Converter - I personally work with many international company so I try to convert everything to US,etc so it's basically a mini calculator.  Enter amount in "Currency A" then enter the Exchange Rate,etc.

From row 9 and on is the Freelance entry, each entry is composed of:

Work - Work name "example Blah Magazine Issue 9"

Total - Enter $ amount of work

Contract - Has the contract/invoice been returned (It's often easy to forget to ask for invoice, when it's "N" the font automatically is RED, if it is "Y" it turns black)

Date Completed - Due date/date completed.  Enter in the format of mm/dd/yyyy  (I kept due date and date actaully completed the same cause even if I finish early, it doesn't matter)

I actaully use *this* plugin to enter date, much easier, but it's optional.

Est payment days - How many days the estimated payment is

Misc Fee & Misc Fee 2 - Any type of cost for the project, such as bank transaction fee, paypal fee, or if you're working with someone else, the other person's payment,etc.

Net Total - (Automatic) This will be the money that YOU earned minus the fees,etc.

Payment Date - (Automatic) This is the estimated payment date base on what you typed in the Est payment days section

Paid - "Y" or "N" ("Y" would turn it to red font) Change it accordingly, Once it's PAID, select the row and CUT & PASTE to the Paid page.

Notes - For any notes you want regarding the project, such as explaining for the Misc fee was, or you can list the specifics of what the task is.  e.g. "Misc 2 Fee $500 paid too Artist B" or "12 card illustrations"

Since the row have specific formatting/code, for each new entry.  Copy and paste the existing row and modify the contents.


It's to list all the payment up to date to keep track of past works

When each item is paid, CUT AND PASTE the row into this page. (do not COPY and paste or it'll mess up the Report page results


This page is basically automatic.

Monthly Report

The top shows your monthly freelance income (Income as in the job that was DONE in that month according to date completed)
There's the total for each year and average monthly income (It's a bit buggy atm and not ignoring the future months with 0 income (vs a month with actual 0 income) if anyone knows the code for it lemme know ;P)

There's the Chart at the bottom just to be pretty and show each month's income in an easier visual way


Just for me the enter each new company that I work for as I go, to keep a client list, you can add email,etc if you want.  Basically more a note section

Well hope it helps~ C ya!

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Many thanks! :heart: This is a lot more comprehensive than what I've been using!