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Frequent Asked Questions

*continuing my phase of journal update, sorry guys, hang in there, I don't usually do journals this often (cuz I hate ppl that update like 100 times a day), but I just want to fill the tab links at the time :D)*  Also as you noticed that there's an extra "???" Tab at the top, it's something I'm currently preparing for, it'd be announce in a week or so, be sure to check it out :D

And just to say thanks to ya all :D To the first 5 deviant in this journal comment (not counting goofball ~noah-kh) that has been on DA for more then 1 year and at least 40 Deviant submission and not yet have a subscription, would get a 3-month subscription ~! ;P  (not to ignore the newcomers, just thought i'd make more sense ^^) *it went out faster then I thought O_O haha congrats to veritas-project, aco2099, GreenEyedMonster88, Drian and Minochi~ :D

Anyways, I'm gonna try to be a tad more serious with this section, cuz I'm assuming that people that's actually going to read this actaully may have a question, and if I do answer things I can have the right to stick my toe up the nostril of the next person that ask me these question muhahahah.

1) What's your job?

In daytime, I'm working as a concept lead at Reloaded Studios

By night, I'm a freelancer at home
By past night time, I'm a party-er
Then for approx 4-6 hrs after that, I'm a sucky superhero in my dream (which I SWEAR, i get killed or my ass kicked 9 outta 10 times)

2) What program do you use for your art? What's the general method?

Unless state otherwise in my description, it's 100% Photoshop and Intuos2 6x8 (Those that read my previous journal, I packed away my Cintiq, gonna sell it later probably) I don't do the lineworks on paper anymore, mainly cuz I'm lazy, and also I got use to drawing digitally that to me it's almost the same (alllmost, pencil n paper will always still win).  Also because of my style, usually none of the linework is left in the final work, there's not much reason for me to care much about the linework.  I do very rough sketches and go straight into painting it in Photoshop, most of the details I don't bother drawing, and do it directly into the painting (coloring) stage.

3) "I have a cool idea, can you draw me *insert something*?"

No (I'd type longer answer but it'd include too many profanity)

4) Do you take personal commission? Avaliable for work?

Maybe, check the commission tab at the top~ or note me if it's a commercial freelance project.

5) Can I use your artwork for *so and so*

If it's for commercial usage or project that may involve commercial element - no, or note me if you want to purchase the copyright.

If there's absolutely zero financial gain or whatsoever - Sure and don't need note me about it as long as you give it proper credit

6) Why don't you answer my comments/questions?

I type in my journal a few times that I apologize if I don't answer many comments, I just don't have the time when I look through comments to reply to each one, and I'm sorry about that.  I do read every single one and thank all of you.  I do however, reply to most notes, because notes, I can save them for later,etc, so if there are any sincere questions you would like to know, please note me instead.

7) Background questions (How did you start drawing? What school,etc,etc)

I'll give the short version, I had always had a more then normal need for freedom and fun. (I wanted to be an assassin at first but that was no job posting for that).  After the total rebellious days in highschool. I finally got my act together and manage to graduate.  I went into computer science and dropped out (Failed my elective finart course too haha).  Worked behind the table typing codes was very not for for me, and ppl around me were not that fun too (imo).  After thinking and quitting, I thought art sounds like the closest I can get for what seemed fun and freedom.  

Hell was I wrong at first, I struggle so much at life drawing, and it wasn't really that fun, people around me seemed crazy too.  Luckily, I met a few key people in my life that helped me along the way.

Then there was Udon, even though I'm listed as one of the founder of Udon, I'd say Udon found me, when it first started, I was just really trying to help out here and there, I had the chance to do many project even tho I really didn't deserve to or was ready.  But most of all, it forced me to work and draw everyday, trying to balance school and work and deadlines on both end.  I think Udon gave me all the work ethnic and time management training.  I remember there were so many days that I slept for 1 hr because of school and work deadline, that maybe where my vampire non-sleeping power came from.    Back then there was very little ppl that did much CG compare to now, and I was lucky to be expose to many different kind of work.  And basically life went on, I graduated, went to take 3D, left in the middle to go to Korea to work in a game company, and changed job last year....and now here I am...

Regarding questions/notes

I just thought to add this in, if you have questions, please try to no ask things that'd require a 10 page reply.  I get many one liner question, in which many are fine, but questions like these...

"can you teach me how to draw?"
"how did you draw *deviantion name*?"

I just have no idea how to answer those sorry T_T  I'd usually spend as much effort replying as you have spent typing the question,etc. :B

If there're other questions that you think should be here, feel free to let me know ^^
I've left my msn and hotmail in the main page for now for anything else, so far I've been lucky to not really received any harassment or spam so until then I'll leave it up there.  I always enjoy meeting other artists ;D

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in "7)" i didn't really get the answer if you went to some-kind of an art school... the thing is i'm looking for one, any recomindations? :D...

your art is amazing btw... honestly O_o