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Come check out my Introduction to Digital Painting course over at Schoolism! Now you can subscribe to Schoolism monthly instead of yearly for what amounts to the cost of dinner: Schoolism Subscriptions for only $15 per month.

The goal of this course is to give students an introductory-level understanding of the tools and methodology needed to begin painting digitally in Photoshop. I will talk about how to use layers and create textures, as well as his techniques for achieving realistic colors and lighting. If you’d like to start painting digitally, this course will get you started on the right path!

Head over to check out the new Schoolism subscription system now! :D
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Hi , i'm making a really good fantasy trading card game competitive online , i wish that i can use some of your beautifull illustrations , for my game . i will use your name in every card description . I'll attempt your response ASAP .
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This course is awesome :D I'm posting my assignments in my page
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Just wanted to leave a review - Took this course a few years ago and it REALLY helped me improve as an artist!
This course not only covers how to produce artworks from the ground up-to a high level but also encourages you to develop a positive mentality
while working towards becoming a better artist - Let Andrew share with you his inspiring stories as he guides you to becoming a Photoshop pro! :D

Definitely recommended for everyone - even anyone with basic to no knowledge in Photoshop. By the end of the course you will have no doubt
leveled up drastically! Below is an example of what I produced after taking the course (With no prior experience in Photoshop). Hope that helps!

Thank you for opportunity to learn from you Andrew! :happybounce: :heart:
All the best with HS Story! :D

Zoids X Evangelion UNIT 01 by CHOBI-PHO
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(I've already taken this course so I'm just gonna gush a bit right now, because I love it)

Definitely my favorite Schoolism course I've taken so far! I found going through various digital coloring methodologies extremely helpful, and your techniques really helped speed up my process / get started in digital painting. :) Before I was a lot less confident about the coloring aspect, I could always do line art but felt lost at the coloring. 

Side note - your concept art class on Skillshare was also my favorite Skillshare class. I just think you're a great teacher!!! You're so good at explaining your thoughts as you're working, it's really, REALLY helpful for art instruction. Lots of videos I've seen don't do as good of a job at this.
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I agree! Andrew is a great and inspiring teacher! :D