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Last of the Journal entry bomb I swear!

I've considered for a long time to make a commissions post or not, I decided to give it a shot for those that might be interested.

DIGITAL (All my work is digital)
The following price are for personal commissions only, for commercial related freelance work please contact me privately via note or email.
Prices may change anytime depending on work schedules~

black and white sketch

Sketches of whatever character, don't expect super clean lines,etc.  Basically something I'd do at a convention perhaps but digital~

Colored character (Painted style)

Background - minimal to none

Colored character (Cell-shade style)

Background - minimal to none

Colored illustration(varies with the complexity).........500+$
Character + Background, basically a scene type illustration.

Extra character, BG, or other addition services such as concept design work,etc that's not listed, please send me a note~

*digital works include receiving a high res TIF for personal printing only.
**i reserve the right to sell prints of your commission

Never tried personal commissions and probably won't get filled fast really, I'll probably open 2-3 slot each time so just note me for status ;)

Process:  I can usually do a 2 week or earlier turn around assuming things goes smooth, illustration work may take longer.

1-Confirm work contents and price
3-Sketch and confirm
4-Delivers final version
5-Minor revisions if needed

Payment: Probably only Paypal~ Payment upfront (Had quite a few runaways incident, even from companies so...-_-)

Current Status: Open

Send me a note if interested ;D

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FINALLLY fair prizes on Deviantart (I take more sometimes but I'm sure I'm much slower then you! :( )

I'm really glad to see that! I cant stand the 10USD per hour - artist anymore. it just hurts T___T
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it's not Prizes.... ! :D JUST joking with you hehe ya I hate seeing 10$ artist, especially the good ones too, cuz they make me feel horrible cuz they're so talented AND they're charging so low... btw are u a student or fulltime freelancer or what do you do? :D
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Whoops, you know what I mean xD
The low-charging-artist dont make me feel bad. I just want to grapple them and show them that they also get commission with higher pay. They always say: "Nobody want my work if I raise the fee T___T! "
Then I always reply: "Isnt it the same: Either to do 3 low payed commissions or one higher payed?"

I'm a pupil atm. I have to go two more years to school because I broke up when I was ~16 years old. I'm doing freelance jobs additionally. I dont know what I should do after school... What did you do? Have you studied?
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what do you mean you broke up when you were 16? but wow you're still so young AND talented!! T_T you'll have NO problem getting awesome art jobs, freelance or game or whatever, i guarantee! I'm working as a concept lead in a game company, and freelance at night time, 99% of the stuff on DA are my freelance work, hardly have time for personal stuff much, and I don't have much stuff that I can put up on the concept side. But ya, I studied classical animation (hated it hehe) but you should definately pursue art, you're gonna rock so hard when you finish school and go fullforce to work!
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I dont know how to say it...I canceled school, I leaved school. I leaved my home very young (I was 15 years old) and moved to my boyfriend 380miles away. I think that was too much for me or maybe it was too early, I didnt get the connection to my new school. The learning matter was very different from where I came from (thats very dumb here in germany) and I wanted to do other things then learning (painting for example haha) and thats why I leaved...Of course it wasnt so easy unlike I tell it here. wow, sorry for the big text here in your journal. I dont know I feel like I could tell you all these dont have to reply. I just wanted to clarify D:

I read your journal about your way of working and I thought its very intresting :> (Youre really hardworking!! I admire that)
Hey, even if you hated animation, maybe you got some influences of it. Things you dont really know yet. Something that makes your art better because of the study...
Someone told me about a painter who trammeled hisself on a shipmast to feel the water,waves and the ocean. He needed it to become a better ocean-painter D:

Thank you, maybe I will keep freelancing or I will try to study art or illustration after school. :3
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dude you're undercharging! but hey, its deviantart... mostly art loving kids apparently, so you're showing the love and giving back :)

your monster stuff is some of my fav stuff ever! that squid in a dragon skull thing was my wallpaper forever!!

plz support his talented a$$ people! lol
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dude i'd give you 1200 for like 2 psds... let me get my paypal set up.
nJoo's avatar
lol i'll give u my psd for a fanart from u! :D haha need to do an arttrade or collab sometimes, ur stuff rock!
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holy hell, thanks man!
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Good pricing. I think your rates are very competitive given the quality of your stuff.

I also respect your payment up front policy. Excellent idea, if you can get away with it, and I think you can. You got the chops. :thumbsup:
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Ohhhh I want so much money tooooo. :XD:
ZombieSandwich's avatar
I sadly have no money but I can give you a cake and much looove... :)
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It's definitely worth the money. His art is accurate, stylish, and knowledgeable.
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What about that pixel work you did for ID? :) The one with the Terry Bogard jacket? How much for those?
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Hmm lol I never thought of that really hmm... I'm not really a pixel artist so it took me a bit long, but if ur serious about the pixel commission please note me, I prefer to not discuss commission details in public ^^ thanks!
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Ah, the classic “that’s expensive” and the “I wish I could commission you but I don’t have the money” irritating comments. It’s good to see a professional asking for the prices they deserve. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time getting the work. It’s always best to post the price guide to save you the upteen million ‘how much?’ notes that normally end in teenage whining when they can’t afford it.

I really look forward to seeing your first private commission pieces. I know they will be scrumptious.
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thanks for the comment and support~! I have been debating or not to make a commission page for a long time cuz I wasn't very comfortable with making the price public,etc but I thought to give it a try and hope people do not sent ninjas after me >_<
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Your prices are understandable because you're professional and make a living off art. Good luck!
XLCowBoy's avatar
Errr... his prices are actually very reasonable (close to cheap in fact).
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I was agreeing that the prices were good.
However, most people on this site don't even have $500.
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