2D Rock-off #3 - Buttock Defense *Winner*

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Starock Weekly Challenge

The Starock Challenge is a weekly contest divided into 2 categories, 2D Rock-Off and Starlite Photo, rotating between photography and 2D art, each challenge lasts 2 weeks.

I'll be doing the 2D concept challenges, visit zemotion for info on the Photograph challenge.

Every 2 weeks a new 2D Challenge will begin, with a different topic/theme each time. Each Challenge will run for approximately 10 days. In which all the entries will be posted into one Journal for deviants to view and comment.

2D Rock-Off #3:

Creature: Buttock Defense

The Topic is Creature: Buttock Defense
A creature who's uses their buttock as their defensive
The only rule is that it's a creature design round, NOT human/character


First I'd like to apologize again for the lateness, this month had been nuts and I've averaged 2 hrs per day sleep for 3 weeks, one more week to go and the chaos would be over~ :D  And enuff of excuses..

Here're the winners for Rock-off #3:

1st)Maxa-art              +$50 Pseudomoloch - buttock defense by Maxa-art

2nd)Sergon               Dragon Vs. BEE by Sergon

3rd)ArdentMind         :thumb91061743:

(1st and 2nd is actaully was a tie breaker, but after many discussion we thought the butt face creature of Maxarkes deserve a win by a hairline for the creativity.  The awesome scene of a lava stinger bee against a dragon made it a really tough hard choice)


BrynnMetheney             :thumb91931957:
handsky228        Creature_ButtockDefense by handsky228
defcon04           Spidertoise by defcon04
Guardian-of-Light           Buttock Defense by Guardian-of-Light
sandara            porcupine of doom by sandara

I'd also like to mention that I loved
Buttock Defense --BAD ASS-- by Leriz and Monster1 Rollerbrute by Leevitron but I think it stepped a little bit close out of pure creature and into the character category.  And yes I know it's so hard to draw the line between char and creature and I should've made it mode clear or rules somehow (ie. not accessories, clothing,etc.  creature as in a species/animal/insect,etc)  But I'm still new at this and hope you'll understand, still love it anyhow~


I'll try to make sure to comment on everyone's entries :)

Click HERE or the Hall of Rockers at the side menu for current Rock ranking~!

1st Place: 1 Winner Golden JooRock* + $50.00**
2nd Place: 2 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
3rd Place: 1 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
Runnerups (up to 5)

Non-winning participants: 1 Grain of Sand.... (Purpose of sand is still in consideration)

*For more information on JooRock please see HERE or the RULES link at the top~
**$50 via paypal, or equivalent or less value in subscription or print or we can work something out.
***I really hope this contest focus on everyone drawing together as weekly activity more then a prize-target only contest, the judge's opinions and choice would obviously be different then what some ppl think and please do not start some flame war or something :D

Rules are here:

- One entry per deviant per Challenge
- 2D only, digital or traditional, color or B/W (few minute doodles do not count), background optional but welcome
- Size doesn't matter, just be reasonable please~
- Entries must be new works created for the Challenge Topic after it's announced.
- You retain your copyrights. We just want it to be fair for everyone to create new works within the same time-frame.
- Descriptions for entries are optional, feel free if it helps support your work better. ^^
- State either in deviation Title or Description that it is a Rock-off Challenge entry.

- Note me your entry with the subject: Rock-off #1 :thumbcode:.

*********more then 50% of the people didn't put the thumbnail code in the note TITLE, please remember to put it in the title so I can just directly  copy and paste from the note title, thanks!*********

*The thumbnail code is under your deviation's Details, on the right of Artist's Comments. It begins with :thumb and ends with numbers:. I will be copying and pasting the code from the Subject of the note, so do not use the "Share This" function.

- Note me once only.
- For users found to submit backdated and stolen works, I'll buy a voodoo doll with your name and stab it with toothpicks :)
- Further rules please click HERE
or the RULES link at the top~


:iconnjoo: :iconarnistotle: :iconlychi: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconzemotion: (possibly more)


1)2) porcupine of doom by sandara3) Buttock Bird by Lanedeluna
4) booty booty booty by schlep5)6) The Porcupenguin by Serio555
7) toxic by albert868) Mucous Periwinkle by Fritz-Cozmo9) Buttock Defense by Daniel-Velez
10) Acid 'pig' by RobertLaszloKiss11):thumb91039994:12):thumb91061743:
13):thumb91116451:14) Spidertoise by defcon0415) Buttock Defense --BAD ASS-- by Leriz
19) Were Beaver by Kazym20) fiofoscudo by rocketcica21) Fell Pig by SeanMcFarland
22) rock-off entry by mcgrizz23) Venus Ass Trap by MJFJ24):thumb91575188:
31) Heavy by Rinichi32):thumb91841908:33) Butt Salamander by bernalilo
34) Pseudomoloch - buttock defense by Maxa-art35) Dragon Vs. BEE by Sergon36) 3. Creature: Buttock Defense by AngryPotato
37) Buttock Defence: Yegyep by melihyilmaz38) The Majestic Scunderfulch by Tristan-Despero39) Buttock Defense by Guardian-of-Light
40) Armored Stinger by Kmalmsten41):thumb91931957:42)
43) Turtle Backjaw by hongyek44) peach??? by ShinRone45) Creature_ButtockDefense by handsky228
46) Monster1 Rollerbrute by Leevitron47) My Buttocks Monsta by fernyxferny48) The Winchester by victorsbane
49) Buttflowers by 102250):thumb92039228:

Entries go here, and will be updated as submissions are received (or whenever I can)

Sponsors (Thanks!):
daleicious- $50/month Paypal (Will go towards adopting one of the weeklies)

Any sponsor is more then welcome, please note me :D

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Erinwolfrus's avatar
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.... and the winner is....


....um, did someone eat Njoo?
AngryPotato's avatar
i was wondering the same thing o.o
ducca's avatar
this was super fun! i cant wait to do the next one. thank you and the others so much for doing this.
Dogidillo's avatar
Can we use pixel art for the design? Like, my avatar?
dark-maggot's avatar
Aww man, I would have loved to do the steampunk fairytale, but oh well. I'll try and enter this one if I get some free time.

Myselfsama's avatar
Assy Mcgeeeeeeee lol
AngryPotato's avatar
hahaha oh no you didnt
Dornyth's avatar
...umm...does an abberation/mutant/who knows what count as a creature?
nJoo's avatar
welll basically as long as it's not a humanoid ;D
Dornyth's avatar

alright, thanks
Dornyth's avatar
...*light bulb, snicker*
Maxa-art's avatar
I must say I have absolutely zero idea.

Well, let's try... :D
toiletbear's avatar
dude wtf. how the hell are you gonna do this one its so vague lol.
unchained-chaos's avatar
when you said it cant be a human/character, does it also account for creatures as well?
Lii-chan's avatar
This looks fun :) Does it have to be fully CGed or can we submit graphite entries?
AlexisUnderwoodArts's avatar
can't wait to see what people come up with for this! :XD: Great Idea!
X-A-N-A's avatar
I just might actually try this...
Drey777's avatar
haha, animals strictly, butts....now thats a lil different
Elafros's avatar
lol!the idea is funny , should be interesting to see what others make out of it ...I'll surely be skipping this one though xD 1)not good with creatures 2) I lack imagination xD
Gibraltor's avatar
Not sure I want to do this lol...
Cup-elli's avatar
A creature who uses their buttock as their defensive, huh. >>;
;<< Non human, huh......

Okay, will do.

Well I have to say, your really putting me out of my comfort zone, but on the other hand I suppose thats the main reason Ive been entering. This will be ineresting.
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Hehehe such an odd topic ^^ i'll have to be a spectator in this... real life's distracting at the moment =/

Can't wait to see what others come up with~
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It might not be any of my business, but do you know what's up with zemotion? She haven't announced the winners yet of the latest contest and I think she should have last Sunday - but I could be mistaken, I don't know.
Of course, she might just be busy, but perhaps you know something?


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