2D Rock-off #2 - Steampunk Fairytale *Winner*

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Starock Weekly Challenge

The Starock Challenge is a weekly contest divided into 2 categories, 2D Rock-Off and Starlite Photo, rotating between photography and 2D art, each challenge lasts 2 weeks.

I'll be doing the 2D concept challenges, visit zemotion for info on the Photograph challenge.

Every 2 weeks a new 2D Challenge will begin, with a different topic/theme each time. Each Challenge will run for approximately 10 days. In which all the entries will be posted into one Journal for deviants to view and comment.

2D Rock-Off #2:

Steampunk Fairytale

The Topic is Steampunk Fairytale
Your choice of an existing fairytale character(s) in steampunk era/style. (I'm not sure if there was some confusion before and I'll assume I didn't make it clear, I never like to be harsh on rules but...ya please use existing fairytale

More then one char's fine if it helps the picture, but just remember it's not judged by the quantity, it's the creativity and execution ;)

It's a bit hard to describe, so I'm hoping people that dunno might do a bit of research.
-Think Miyazaki, Steamboy, China Miéville,etc.
-Industrial, coal burning, pipes, gears, goggles, brown are some of the many example of steampunk.
-"...historical periods (usually the 19th century) to works set in fantasy worlds that rely heavily on steam- or spring-powered technology"
-Random samples... Steampunk Cyborg Palanquin by rsandberg:thumb87544742:
-Interpret it whatever way you want
-It'll be judge by it's creativity and rock factor~ blah blah blah.


Next round would begin in a few days~ A little bit busy these few days

Here're the winners for first round, please feel free to comment (encouraged) on entries you like (or dislike)

Comment: The judging is really getting hard, there're many entries I'd honestly say is tie, and please do understand that we try our best to balance the creativity as well as the technical art skill as fair as we can.  

Starting next round~ I'll make sure to comment on every single entries just as an appreciation for everyone's effort, I know it's not much.. but every time judging time comes, there're so many I'd like to include in the list of the top entries and I feel bad that I have to limit it to 5 runners up~ T_T

(I'm still trying to find an easier and better way to judge/voting system)

Anyways here're the winners!

1st)frankhong              +$50

2nd)NgJas               Lil Red by NgJas
3rd)Leevitron          Little Red Steampunk Hood by Leevitron


yooani              Red Shoes by yooani
Daniel-Velez        Steampunk Fairytale by Daniel-Velez
disgustiphage           big bad gear wolf by disgustiphage
hakubaikou             steampunk thumbelina by hakubaikou
SilentJohnny           :thumb89780102:

Click HERE or the Hall of Rockers at the side menu for current Rock ranking~!

1st Place: 1 Winner Golden JooRock* + $50.00**
2nd Place: 2 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
3rd Place: 1 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
Runnerups (up to 5)

Non-winning participants: 1 Grain of Sand.... (Purpose of sand is still in consideration)

*For more information on JooRock please see HERE or the RULES link at the top~
**$50 via paypal, or equivalent or less value in subscription or print or we can work something out.
***I really hope this contest focus on everyone drawing together as weekly activity more then a prize-target only contest, the judge's opinions and choice would obviously be different then what some ppl think and please do not start some flame war or something :D

Rules are here:

- One entry per deviant per Challenge
- 2D only, digital or traditional, color or B/W (few minute doodles do not count), background optional but welcome
- Size doesn't matter, just be reasonable please~
- Entries must be new works created for the Challenge Topic after it's announced.
- You retain your copyrights. We just want it to be fair for everyone to create new works within the same time-frame.
- Descriptions for entries are optional, feel free if it helps support your work better. ^^
- State either in deviation Title or Description that it is a Rock-off Challenge entry.

- Note me your entry with the subject: Rock-off #1 :thumbcode:.

*********more then 50% of the people didn't put the thumbnail code in the note TITLE, please remember to put it in the title so I can just directly  copy and paste from the note title, thanks!*********

*The thumbnail code is under your deviation's Details, on the right of Artist's Comments. It begins with :thumb and ends with numbers:. I will be copying and pasting the code from the Subject of the note, so do not use the "Share This" function.

- Note me once only.
- For users found to submit backdated and stolen works, I'll buy a voodoo doll with your name and stab it with toothpicks :)
- Further rules please click HERE
or the RULES link at the top~


:iconnjoo: :iconarnistotle: :iconlychi: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconzemotion: (possibly more)


1):thumb88389482:2):thumb88544637:3) big bad gear wolf by disgustiphage
4):thumb88687213:5) Steam Punk by albert866):thumb88767017:
7) Steampunk Firebird by Flynn-the-cat8) The Lil' Lamp Girl by Maxa-art9):thumb88906907:
10)11) Steampunk Pinocchio by Hidd3nNiN12) Steampunk Fairytale by Sahd
13) Steampunk Dwarf by Lex-W14):thumb89045158:15) Steampunk Cindy by appleworms
16) Brave Little Tailor by SeanMcFarland17)18):thumb89165113:

Mature Content

You Get You Some by RallySelf
20)21) Prince and His Steampunk Stead by RyathD
22) Steam Punk CinderAl by suizome23) Fly Away by geardrafter24) -steam evil queen- by pauscorpi
25) Golden Mechanical Bird by Citrusy-fun26) Steampunk Fairytale by AkaiSoul27) steampunk thumbelina by hakubaikou
28) Sinbad of the Seven Skies by Knightwatch29) Jack and the Steamstalk -art- by neener-nina30) Steampunk Rumplestiltskin by Mazinja
31) Rock-Off: Steampunk Fairytale by CoolBlueX32) Steam Punk Rapunzel by RobertLaszloKiss33) I can do it by WuL
34) Terrada Girl by SantaFung35) Little Red by Rinichi36) Little Red Steampunk Hood by Leevitron
37):thumb89601588:38) Steam Red by ironbreaker39) The Godmother's Lover by darchala
40) Shhhh by dlazaru41):thumb89633400:42)
43) The Steadfast Tin Soldier by rrferreirah44) SteamFaerie: Lil'Red by CrackedClockwork45) Red Shoes by yooani
46) PinoSteamTheater by SetaGila47) Steampunk Fairytale by Daniel-Velez48) Steampunk Fairy Tale: Little R by sognloo
52) Drats,Now He's Got A Tractor: by waranghira53) The Steam Boot by AstroHelix54) outside city limits by bupkis
55) Steampunk Journey by DaineN56) Steampunk City by Nekomancerz57) Steampunk Fairytale by EmCaCo
58) Steampunk Fairytale by GNAHZ59) Steampunk Fairytale by Nether8360) 080626 by liuyangart
61):thumb89855180:62) Steampunkfyfied Peter Pan by handsky22863) Steampunk Fairytale by antonvandort
64) Lil Red by NgJas65) Steam Fairy Squad by K-bron66) 2. Steampunk Fairytale by AngryPotato
70) STEAMPUNK FAIRYTALE Goldylocks by Lavah71) Clockwork Fairy Hunt by DarkMeW72)
73) Jack and the Beanstalk by Zxenth-Ra74) Beauty by key-075) The prince. by hoolai
79) Thumbelina by DojiArai80) Steampunk Fairytale - LRRH by Cique81) Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Tristan-Despero
82) Steampunk Tink by Scotwith1T83) Miss Muffet's Revenge by Shannanigan84) Steampunk Hook by cjuzzz
85) Steampunk Fairytale: Red by odingraphics86) Alice in Steampunkland by IvannaMatilla87) Captain of the Neverland Exprs by paolog
88) Second Star to the Right by kittywhiskas89):thumb90053140:90) Waiting by lordariel13
91):thumb90089043:92) The girl without hands by soakedinbleach93) Steampunk Fox Sister by HowlSeage

Mature Content

Sleeping Beauty by Cup-elli
95) Cinderella by 102296) Sci-fi Fairytale by Guardian-of-Light
97):thumb90217208:98) Rock-Off Challenge: SF by RenginTumer99) Steampunk Final for Rock-off by BlueSaved

Entries go here, and will be updated as submissions are received (or whenever I can)

Sponsors (Thanks!):
daleicious- $50/month Paypal (Will go towards adopting one of the weeklies)
Any sponsor is more then welcome, please note me :D

© 2008 - 2021 nJoo
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CamiFortuna's avatar
woah i wish i could enter..so many good ones so far
xiwik's avatar
I think I may have missed the deadline with this one :P
Congratulations to the winners. Ill have to be faster on the next one. You can check out my attempt, if interested.
[URL=[link] Entry[/URL]
xiwik's avatar
Opps sorry about the link. I thought I knew what i was doing.
DaineN's avatar
lol i've got a grain of sand now :D
everyone whom i though deserved winning, got them rocks in the end; it's good judgment and hearty congrats to them :) i would like to know though, if there was anything wrong with mine or what could have been done to it to make it better ^^;
nJoo's avatar
I'm honestly say there's nothing wrong with yours, and i swear and not just being nice, if I could I would put 20 runners up, cuz there're just so many nice ideas in the entries! When I first started to do the contest, I only meant for it to have a winner, that's it, then I thought it deserve 2nd and 3rd, then I saw 100 entries, then I added 5 runner up slot, but honestly there should be more, I try to balance the creativity, technical skill and effort (yes effort too hehe) as much as I can (or we can ). And looking at your piece again, I think it's awesome and I can't say why it's not at the runners up. I can definately tell ur effort and appreciate it a tonne~! I hope it doesn't discourage u that it's not appreciated, the judgin's just way too hard. and if it helps, ur piece had some points too in the judgin, but it didn't make the top 8 after adding it up~ keep up the nice work, and thx again~
DaineN's avatar
Thanks nJoo, you're very nice to have runner ups, more happy to go around :) And definitely those who were chosen have done very well in their pieces! Can't imagine how you guys managed to rank them at all *Sigh* need to buck up more i guess :D

Thanks again for holding these contests, i'm sure to be back to try again some time, so keep up the great hosting and interesting topics!
yooani's avatar
Congrats everyone!! And thank you :heart:
quizzledorf's avatar
they won jew gold. joo gold I mean. congrats to the winners.
DojiArai's avatar
Congrats to the winners! Well deserved prizes! :clap::clap::clap:
InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
congrats to the winners :) maybe I would've chosen some other entries, but I know it's hard to judge (glad I don't have to do it :D) and everyone has his own opinion. I'm sure the winners deserve it.
Nice to see so many entries here, I'm looking forward to the next round.
Cique's avatar
My 2 favourites ended up 2nd and 3rd :D Though I personally wouldn't have had that picture in 1st place, I like the background and machine alot, but I am not overly keen on her face - also I believe, though can't be certain, that is was not originally based on an existing fairytale as it was a while later that is was mentioned it was Cinderella and the glass slippers were added in, which I feel to some extent is a bit unfair of the other artists who understood the rules originally - I don't mean to sound harsh, I like the picture in itself...
Others I liked that aren't runners up are Poisondlo's and I liked the design of Odingraphics'
Cique's avatar
oh and I liked the tower of LordVenom05's

Also AstroHelix may have a point, though I generally agree with the choices, and my favourite pieces have ended up in the top 3 so far, it would be nice to have a wider variety of judges, it's only been 2 competitions so it's really too early say yet
AstroHelix's avatar
Not that I dissagree with the choices, they are all very well done, but it seems like there is only one style that passes for the top ranks so far in this contest. The winners here and on veggie all look very painterly, there isn't a whole lot of difference in the basic approach to these winning pieces. If this is just the opinion of the judges, I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles, and I should look for some other event where the judges are quite so similar in their tastes!
hakubaikou's avatar
Sweeeeet! Congrats to the winners! Awesome entries.

And yay! Thank you so much for including mine as a Runner Up! :D This contest is so much fun. I'm really looking forward to future themes.
disgustiphage's avatar
Hey, cool. Made runner up. :)
DaineN's avatar
told you yours was cool :D
RuRuVictoria's avatar
Grats to these winners!!!
HowlSeage's avatar
Nice. All those were good choices. Cant wait for the next round, this is awesome.
Cique's avatar
RenginTumer's avatar
WHAT? I thought we would have until midnight on the 30th! ;_; Well shit there goes my entry... *sighs*
nJoo's avatar
I added ur entry, I got mixed up with the timezone :D
RenginTumer's avatar
I'm late with this, but thanks! =D
holijay's avatar
I would say still submit it, I'm in the same boat. I'll send njoo a note.
RenginTumer's avatar
he still added mine. and yours?
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