2D Rock-off #1 - Veggie Undead *Winner*

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Starock Weekly Challenge

The Starock Challenge is a weekly contest divided into 2 categories, 2D Rock-Off and Starlite Photo, rotating between photography and 2D art, each challenge lasts 2 weeks.

I'll be doing the 2D concept challenges, visit zemotion for info on the Photograph challenge.

Every 2 weeks a new 2D Challenge will begin, with a different topic/theme each time. Each Challenge will run for approximately 10 days. In which all the entries will be posted into one Journal for deviants to view and comment.

2D Rock-Off #1: Veggie Undead

The Topic is Veggie Undead - *CLOSED* - Winners Announced

Here're the winners for first round, please feel free to comment (encouraged) on entries you like (or dislike)

Comment: Judging was done with a group of judge, we looked for a lot of criteria and it was REALLY hard, honestly, people liked different pieces and it was hard to come down with any ranking (There was a tie with the 3rd place).  The criteria we looked for included originality, creativity, execution, and just overall fun and rock factor of the piece.  Please do bear with me as we slowly tweak the way judging works, we'll be testing out some part judge part voting system as well.  I'm sure not everyone would agree with the result, but let's focus less on the the ranking and winners, I'll continue to try to find the best way of voting.  Thanks a billion for everyone's participation.  There're a lot of things I'm planning to add for the contest as it progress.  Starting with banners, mascot design, more and more prize and rocks~ :D See you next round!

Click HERE or the Hall of Rockers at the side menu for current Rock ranking~!

1st)NgJas              +$50 Undead Pumpkin by NgJas

2nd)einen               Leek Head by einen
3rd)VegasMike           Veggie Undead by VegasMike


Daniel-Velez        Veggie Undead by Daniel-Velez
jeffsimpsonkh       Beetsombie by jeffsimpsonkh
RallySelf           Veggie tales from the crypt by RallySelf
sandara             mandrake by sandara
ChristianNauck            Veggi Undead by ChristianNauck

1st Place: 1 Winner Golden JooRock* + $50.00**
2nd Place: 3 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
3rd Place: 2 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
Runnerups (up to 5): 1 JooRock*

*For more information on JooRock please see HERE or the RULES link at the top~
**$50 via paypal, or equivalent or less value in subscription or print or we can work something out.
***I really hope this contest focus on everyone drawing together as weekly activity and NOT a prize-target only contest, the judge's opinions and choice would obviously be different then what some ppl think and please do not start some flame war or something :D


:iconnjoo: :iconarnistotle: :iconlychi: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconzemotion: (possibly more)

All Entries

1) ZOMBEH CARROT OH NOES by peaches9d2) Rock OFF: FORK My Broccoli by spinelquartz3):thumb87314215:
4) zombie carrot by evikted5) Farmer's Horror by Hidd3nNiN6) undead brocoli :DDDDDDDDDDDD by piggyskin
7) Zombie Root by Flynn-the-cat8) Woman and killer tomatoes by Liminalty9) Undead Potato by rrferreirah
10) Beetsombie by jeffsimpsonkh11) Necromancer's Garden by avancna12):thumb87433509:
13) It came from the Crisper by stevethebunny14):thumb87442335:15) When Veggies Attack by Gibraltor
16) Undead Vegetable? by angelkissxxx17) 2D Rock-Off 1: Veggie Undead by Leevitron18)
19) Veggie tales from the crypt by RallySelf20) 2D Rock-Off 1: Veggie Undead by LadyChiro21)

Mature Content

2DRock Contest - Veggie Undead by smokesomelime

22) veggies by tsad23) Brinjak the Undead by lordk724):thumb87541721:
25) It's just not the same... by dlazaru26)27) Veggie Undead by wredwrat
28) Zombie Carrot by MJFJ29):thumb87588230:30) Zombie Carrot Practice by winged1
31)32) VegHead by sognloo33) Corn of the Dead. by Lex-W
34) Veggie Undead: Redemption by Nekomancerz35) T.T.O.T.P.G.A.T.P.V.G by Maxa-art36) The walking garden by Sizov
37) 1.  Veggie Undead by AngryPotato38) zombie tomato by jiayi61939) Veggie undead by Coffee-Brown
40):thumb87745012:41) mandrake by sandara42) Unnatural Growth by Jacky-Boy
43) Dont kill me, Carrotman by SantaFung44):thumb87763772:45):thumb87766904:

Mature Content

The_alchemists_wife by zombie-ninja
49) Veggie Undead by jimmypham50) Zombie Carrot - JooRock by Kyle-DS51) Veggie Un-dead by XHI
52) Contest: Veggie Undead by ebba53):thumb87867635:54):thumb87872185:
55) Veggie Undead by Daniel-Velez56) Zombie Vegging out to Emeril by Sean-Loco-ODonnell57) Vegetable Zombie by Cique
58) Greatest VeggieTale Ever Told by DSil59):thumb87966945:60)
61):thumb87941428:62) Rock-off 1: Veggie Undead by philby63) ROCK-OFF-1: Red's Vengeance by waranghira
64) Veggie Undead by FirstKeeper65) the queen of the veggie by El-Inker66) rise from your grave.. loi-ah by paolog
67)68) My Rock-Off 1: Veggie Undead by Kazym69) Couch Potato 2099 by thevilbrain
70) to know you all wrong, we were by lastshadow71) Tomato by yooani72) Veggi Undead by ChristianNauck
73) I Am Veggie by AsianBubblePopS74) Undead Veggie by Kmalmsten75)

Mature Content

Veggie Undead by Lislocat

76) Vegie Seller by handsky22877) Veggie Undead RAWNR by lucasvfa78):thumb88189636:

Mature Content

Wrath of the Broccozombie by winged1
82):thumb88196754:83) Veggie Zombie by Nightblue-art84):thumb88220731:
88) bbbrrrrraaaaaiiiiinssssssss by wachirimingo89):thumb88232658:90) Undead Eggplant by T3hKeeper
91) Undead Pumpkin by NgJas92) Robot Carrot Bear by dinmoney93) F E O K by ijul
94) Apple's Nightmare by rakaon95) Slaughter in the Vegetable... by will2bill96)

Mature Content

Rock-off challenge by mcgrizz

97) Leek Head by einen98) Veggie Undead by VegasMike99) Veggie Undead by maratusta

Mature Content

Veggie Undead - color by antonvandort
101)102) KISS THE COOK by Cup-elli

Mature Content

Veggie Zombie by Scotwith1T
104)105) Living in the Living Dead by Guardian-of-Light
106) Undead Gardener by BlueSaved107):thumb88348100:108) Veggie Undead by JAko-M
109) Potato Mushroom Carrot Oh My by Citrusy-fun110)

Mature Content

Candy Saves Lives by holijay

Sponsors (Thanks!):
daleicious- $50/month Paypal (Will go towards adopting one of the weeklies)
Any sponsor is more then welcome, please note me :D

© 2008 - 2021 nJoo
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Daywish's avatar
Great results :) I believe you're satisfied with this contest, works look so well.
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
Good choices ... congrats for the winners .. i'm glad my fav one turned out to be the 1st ^_^

But i might also say that (No.47) deserved some recognition for the quality in the work ... i wished it would have been from the winners or at least the runner ups.

sigh ... maybe a side voting system needs to be implemented to select the fav work by the audience aside from the selected winners by the judges .. both would work side by side IMO.

Oh .. by the way .. anyone can still join next week right ?
carnagereview's avatar
awesome entries there, congrats winners
yooani's avatar
Awesome! XD Congrats everyone!! :love:
Cique's avatar
my favourite came 1st, all my other favs were mentioned. I personally liked jeffsimpsonkh's the second best, and I liked Manarama's alot too. Congrats to the winners :D
Kilorien's avatar
Well, I guess it's the effort that counts. I tried. :/
Galgat's avatar
Very niceee, this contest was succesful.

Hey sirrr i would like to have a starcraft match with you, i know koreans are the best sc gamers in the world.
Phobos-Romulus's avatar
Congrats to the winners! I should've done this, but I know I wouldn't be in the winners group.
kaiser-br's avatar
great works.. congratulations for the winners
daleicious's avatar
Wow that would've been tough... great works, all.
Nhur's avatar
whops, congrats to the winners.

I really like it.

my favourite was the 2º!!

I hope get better resuts in the next contest T__T
crump3t's avatar
I probably would have picked that to win too :]

grast people


thanks njoo..
Kyle-DS's avatar
ohshi-- xDD!!


something good will come from me for next week's rockoff.

*promises so it could be a whipcrack* :3
Lii-chan's avatar
Awesome. I will look for when you announce the second round. :heart:
DavidSondered's avatar
The journal looks all screwed up... the text is all t the right and the background doesn't look as it should (the dark-green colour doesnt stretch past the top links).

It's still readable (because I wanted to know who won!) but it's definately no pretty :(

Congratulations to the winner(s)!
nJoo's avatar
btw since your here, was wondering if you recieved update to the editted journal ? cuz i uncheck the part where the change is minor, don't notify, but some ppl i asked didn't seem to get the journal update notication :)
DavidSondered's avatar
did get the update on the journal, np ;)
Sorry for the delay in answer as I was browsing.
Btw, congrats on your placement with Hivier in that massive competition...
nJoo's avatar
GermanCityGirl's avatar
What flavour Pretz?
nJoo's avatar
honey mustard! :D
GermanCityGirl's avatar
I ate some tomato ones earlier and have a packet of the salad ones in my courier bag.

uglytoes's avatar

i so did it! and i am commenting the 86th time because that's the number i am in the contest, KARMA
Lanedeluna's avatar
Very cool. I just stumbled onto the article today however, so I'll be looking to participate in future contests! <3
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