2D Rock-Off #6: Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny *W*

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Starock Weekly Challenge

The Starock Challenge is a weekly contest divided into 2 categories, 2D Rock-Off and Starlite Photo, rotating between photography and 2D art, each challenge lasts 2 weeks.

I'll be doing the 2D concept challenges, visit zemotion for info on the Photograph challenge.

Every 2 weeks a new 2D Challenge will begin, with a different topic/theme each time. Each Challenge will run for approximately 10 days. In which all the entries will be posted into one Journal for deviants to view and comment.

Help spread the words, let's get more entries in guys ;D

2D Rock-Off #6: Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny

The Topic is Creature: Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny

So T-rex wasn't the king of the land afterall... Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny ruled and terrorized the land.

Additional Info:
-You can go wild with the design, as long as you can somehow related that it's a prehistoric killer version of a bunny. (eg. maybe it'll still have the long ears, white furt,etc but don't draw a T-rex and call it a killer bunny) It can be huge, small, crazy, cute but deadly!

Deadline: Sept 30, 2008

Next Rock-off will be slightly delay, while zemotion does her round#6 for the photography portion

Here're the winners for Rock-off #6:

Grats Sergon! We felt that Sergon took a unique approach to the topic taking it to the deepsea ;P 2nd and 3rd were actaully very very close, the really unique design of Core433 and the believability and explanation of semoj007's entry, was really fun seeing what everyone came up with!

1st)Sergon              +$50 Prehistoric Sea Creature by Sergon

2nd)Core433               Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny by Core433

3rd)semaj007          Carnivorous Prehistoric Bunny by semaj007


dothaithanh              Carrot-assassin by dothaithanh
zfura           Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny by zfura

*Edit* I somehow didn't see shrimpgirl's note somehow regarding the entry, and didn't get to put it up among all the other entries T_T Here it is! :D
shrimpgirl          :thumb99363935:

(Zfura's entry: Some ppl might be upset at you for being in the runner up when you broke the exact rule mentioned hehe, but ok fine you win, it was a pretty funny entry and we thought it deserves a mention~!)

Click HERE or the Hall of Rockers at the side menu for current Rock ranking~!

1st Place: 1 Winner Golden JooRock* + $50.00**
2nd Place: 2 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
3rd Place: 1 JooRock* (+ donation prize if available)
Runnerups (up to 5)

Non-winning participants: 1 Grain of Sand.... (Purpose of sand is still in consideration)

*For more information on JooRock please see HERE or the RULES link at the top~
**$50 via paypal, or equivalent or less value in subscription or print or we can work something out.
***I really hope this contest focus on everyone drawing together as weekly activity more then a prize-target only contest, the judge's opinions and choice would obviously be different then what some ppl think and please do not start some flame war or something :D

Rules are here:

- One entry per deviant per Challenge
- 2D only, digital or traditional, color or B/W (few minute doodles do not count), background optional but welcome
- Size doesn't matter, just be reasonable please~
- Entries must be new works created for the Challenge Topic after it's announced.
- You retain your copyrights. We just want it to be fair for everyone to create new works within the same time-frame.
- Descriptions for entries are optional, feel free if it helps support your work better. ^^
- State either in deviation Title or Description that it is a Rock-off Challenge entry.

- Note me your entry with the subject: Rock-off #1 :thumbcode:.

*********more then 50% of the people didn't put the thumbnail code in the note TITLE, please remember to put it in the title so I can just directly  copy and paste from the note title, thanks!*********

*The thumbnail code is under your deviation's Details, on the right of Artist's Comments. It begins with :thumb and ends with numbers:. I will be copying and pasting the code from the Subject of the note, so do not use the "Share This" function.

- Note me once only.
- For users found to submit backdated and stolen works, I'll buy a voodoo doll with your name and stab it with toothpicks :)
- Further rules please click HERE
or the RULES link at the top~


:iconnjoo: :iconarnistotle: :iconlychi: :iconfayrenpickpocket: :iconzemotion: (possibly more)

Entries go here, and will be updated as submissions are received (or whenever I can)

01) Bunnys Attack by ErickCarjes02) 2D Rock_Off_Carnivorous_Bunny by Nutthead03) Neanderthalus Sylvilagus by Fritz-Cozmo
04) Eastersaurous by RallySelf05):thumb98220038:06) Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny by soulrailer
07) Bunny by SeanMcFarland08):thumb98570866:09):thumb98622878:
10) Carnivorous Prehistoric Bunny by semaj00711) Prehistoric Sea Creature by Sergon12) Bunnyosaurus Rex by Neo-Br
13) Carnivorous Bunny by Dwylith14) Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny by Core43315) The T-rex graveyard by Sinz02
16) Carrot-assassin by dothaithanh17):thumb99138037:18) Cute Rabbit by HowlSeage
19):thumb99159187:20)21) The Man and The Bunny by bernalilo

Mature Content

Carnivorous Prehistoric Bunny by Dubb
23) Sabertooth Bunnyraptor by thevilbrain24) What's up Doc by wachirimingo
25) The Bunny Legacy by diamantestudio26) Extintion of the Velocicarrots by nekoiichi27) Cuniculus Regicida by Maxa-art
28):thumb99340295:29) The Missing Link by Nether8330) Lepus Rex by aragornbird
31) Cuniculusaurus by rootyful32) Prehistoric Carnivorous Bunny by zfura33):thumb99363935:

Sponsors (Thanks!):
daleicious- $50/month Paypal (Will go towards adopting one of the weeklies)

Any sponsor is more then welcome, please note me :D

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OlgaDrebas's avatar
nice, cant wait for the new challenge to start :D
yakkingyetis's avatar
wow~!! i'll love to join~!! Your contests are awesome~!! Thanks so much for organizing
semaj007's avatar
3rd place is good enough for me... that underwater rabbit was definitely the winner! Congrats to all the winners and thanks for these contests Njoo! :D
AstroHelix's avatar
My compliments to the victors, and damn well done to everyone who entered!
alphacentauri85's avatar
where teh winners at? Must have new challenge soon. How come :iconzemotion: hasn't had a new star-off topic either?
Sergon's avatar
Um u still alive? I need my monthly dose of wacky concept art challanges >< Q.q ...
NegoArgentaeDragotea's avatar
I thought that it was entertaining that some of these bunnies were pink. I was all "lawl, energizer bunny!" Hilarious themes so far!
rootyful's avatar
When will you announce the winners? I'm curious!
IvannaMatilla's avatar
I think I know why the number of entries have decreased proportionally since you had the great idea of the Rock-off contests. Some of us feel we don't have a chance of beating some artists who always participate. It's like you do your best, but then two days before the contest closes, "the" artists enter and win automatically because their works are fantastic. For example *frankhong or *VegasMike One comment here illustrates my point: why bother?
Of course it's still fun and it helps some of us to pratice, but in the end, fewer and fewer people will participate.
nJoo's avatar
Ya I see what you mean, and that's probably something that'll always happen in contest unfortunately, that's why I put in the little rock prize just as a small sign of appreciation for ppl's participation. Don't see any real solution to this, but as long as there're 20+ entries, I think I'll try my best to keep this going hehe. But in the end, I just thought to make this contest hopefully for those that just enjoy doodling together ^^
HowlSeage's avatar
"The" artists? Theres no such thing. Theres only artist who have been studying longer and harder than others. Thats all it is. I couldnt be bothered if Jesus submitted his entry. If i like the topic, i'll go for it. You get what you give, and you should never know you limits, because as long as you're pushing, there are no limits. So go back to your drawing board and study. Then come back here and enter the contest and beat those so called super artists. Its completely possible and not a far off illusion.
IvannaMatilla's avatar
Thanks a lot for those words.
HowlSeage's avatar
np np, remember it when you're winning big time contests in the near future ;)
SeanMcFarland's avatar
Don't be such a silly.
That's what you are. Silly Head. Beautiful arts you make, quality arts. Technique-wise you're right up there With King Hong and Verdant Growing Field mike. You should have made a BUNNY! SHAME FOR THE LACK OF BUNNY! DEEP DEEP SHAME!
IvannaMatilla's avatar
Thanks a lot for telling me off :D
dothaithanh's avatar
if you have a little chance then every one will have a -too-small-chance .(why ? because you already have a beautiful gallery like that -__-)
IvannaMatilla's avatar
Thanks a lot!!!
I was proud of my entries, but it's very disappointing when the super-genius-artists participate and beat up all the rest.
Shannanigan's avatar
I got a Grain of sand last time for being a non-winning entrant (Steampunk Fairytale)... I'm a little upset that its purpose is still undetermined. LOL!

This is a hilarious topic... the entries so far are fab! :D
InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
I hate drawing bunnys :D
Drey777's avatar
were do you come up with these topics, lmao??
Neo-Br's avatar
I'll try to enter this one! :D

Seems funny!
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Seriously, admit it. You're pulling words out of a randomiser aren't you?
nJoo's avatar
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